What to do if I lost my Iqama


If you lost your iqama first of all you should make  sure that it is actually lost Check for your Iqama  wherever you can check. Make sure your Iqama is actually lost before going to the next step.


lost of iqama


If you are confirm that your iqama  lost and  you still unable to find your iqama then you should report it to your HR authorities in case of company visa but if you have free visa you should report to your kafeel.

In case of lost your Iqama  or  Muqeem Card Penalty will be

for the 1st time it is SR 1000

In case of 2nd time it is SR 2000

and for the third time is SAR 3000

How can I escape from Penalty of  Iqama  or Muqeem Card lost?

The Ministry of Interior announced that if iqama is lost or stolen, it should be reported within 24 hours at near  police station with a letter from the company  stating the situation  under which it was lost and where it is   loss to avoid fine

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iqama lost form


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  1. My iqama is lost plz check the iqma nd call me

  2. i lost iqama (muqeem card) of my kids, is there any penalty if i go for new iqama for my kids?

  3. Sir what is price home driver iqama fess

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