What is Nitaqat? Detail about colors

Nitaqat is  Law for Saudization.The basic aim of this law is to give employment to Saudi nationals instead of any foreign expatriates. This law classified the Companies into four categories  1 Platinum, 2 Green, 3 Yellow and 4 Red.



Meaning of colors

Platinum or Green  


These two color indicate  that company has high saudization rate.


Following the benefits of Platinum colors.

Get Visa in two month
Renew Iqamas/Muqeem before 3 months of iqama  expiry/Muqeem.
Easily change employees profession on Iqama/Muqeem.
Hire  those employees whose company’s  Nitaqat status is red or yellow categories.



Yellow and Red


These two color indicate the low saudization rate


Unable to take the employees of companies

Unable to stop employees go for green or platinum companies

Despondent to change professions on Iqama
You can check your company or Kafeel Nitaqat status by click Here






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  1. Hello sir..
    My iqama colour status is yellow green mingled colour.. now I am nt do work my sponsor..
    now 7 months doing work outstanding.
    my sponser he cnt have my passport and my final exit papper last 7 month b4 finished iqama.
    and sponsor nt have everything.sponsor told get everything but he need money..
    I have already complaint indian embassy and labour court but no response ..
    what can I do sir please help me tell me Wright way..

    • Thank for your Comments if you have any experience about Iqama Expiry Jawazat fees Jawazat Address Huroob or kindly post in comments

      • Thank for your Comments if you have any experience about Iqama Expiry Jawazat fees Jawazat Address Huroob or kindly post in comments

  2. Hello.
    My current sponsor has agreed to provide me release and have provide me with the letter addressed to Ministry of Labor and Interior. The new sponsor has sent the online request but the current sponsor cannot accept it as their account has been blocked by MOL and they fall in light green category of nitaqat system.
    I want to know what can I do as the new employer is insisting on completing the transfer process within this week. Please help me with some solution.

  3. hello sir
    My company status is now yellow.plz tell me how many days required for going yellow to green.

    • As per law of Kindom of Saudi Arabia the color of your iqama status is not depend upon the time period its depend on the position of your company

  4. hello, happy new year more power
    this coming 2017 march is my 4 years not in saudi riyadh since i run away to my employer.
    but now i check my iqama number in moi
    my status is final exit color green high.
    what is the meaning of that? thank you so much for answer me

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