What is Jawazat ? Addresses of Jawazat in Saudia Arabia

Jawazat is an Arabic term use for  General Directorate of Passports Department. It is one kind of agency of MOI Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All Immigration works  is controlled under Jawazat personnel .

Jawazat is the place where you can get following services

  •  Issue of new Iqama/Muqeem Card
  • Renewal of Iqama/ Muqeem Card
  •  Exit re-entry Visa
  • Exit visa


Jawazat in Riyadh

Riyadh Passport Office
6971 King Fahad Branch Rd, Al Murabba
Riyadh 12613
Contact number : 24.659079, 46.701653
Jawazat in Jeddah
Jeddah Passports office
Abdullah Balkhayr, Al Baghdediah Al Sharqiyah
Jeddah 22241
Contact number : 21.499303, 39.197756
Jawazat in Dammam
Eastern Province Passports Office
9th Street,
Dammam 32241
Saudi Arabia
Contact number: 26.438833, 50.10782

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  1. As I got news from newspaper about extension of re entry visa from destination up to one year. Is this news correct? If correct when it will implement?

  2. Good after sir. I have a question for you.. my passport expiration date is November 2 2016, my file exit November 1 2016.. said my engineer to renew my passport. Thats is true? No problem if I renewal to Philippines??

  3. I just want to ask if can our employer renew our iqama even it’s three months before expiration?
    Because I should go in vacation for an emergency purpose,and my iqama should be renew before I travel because I take 5 months vacation and my iqama will expire after 3months
    That is why I want to know if they can renew my iqama three months before the expiration

  4. Assalamu alaikum. To All Jawazat members.. im muslim and i m working in MacDonald restaurant. I have joine this compny last 2months back . And my work location is Abu Arish. But I’m not happy with this location and work I have Escaped from Abu Arish to jidha.. becoz of they pepole my store maneger and my trainer they are only shooting with me and giving me lobby cleaning work and toilets cleaning work I have came here for one good position but I dint get I have done my education Also. Whene I’m was came to MY head office for Asking my location. They propel told me go back to again Abu arish otherwise we ‘ll send you to jail..and Also Asking my Akhama and forcing me to much. But I can’t work those people BECOZ they pepole using bad words like fucking.. etc so please help me and send me back to home.. I’m kindly request to You.. please……

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