What are the advantages of an iqama or Muqeem card?

What is an Iqama or Muqeem card ?

An iqama is a residence permit which is  issued to those expatriates who arrive in Saudi Arabia on an employment or work visa.

Advantage of having an Iqama identity card

1.  Getting temporary residence permit in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2.  You can bring family members on a 6-month visit visa

3.  If you are Muslim then you can go for Umrah

4.  You can go anywhere in Saudi Arabia

The documentation do you require for an iqama or Muqeem card

1.  Fill your visa application form as it require

2.  More than four (4) Passport Size Photographs

3.  Medical Report

4.  Letter of employment

5.  Letter of Visa reference

6.  Your education certificates that must be attested

7.  A Copy of your agreement/contract

8.  Letter of Employment ,  and authorization and power of attorney

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