Vacation Policy in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Vacation  Policy in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia According Saudi Labor Law

This Article contain the information about the Vacations for Saudi Expatriates under the saudi labor law.

According to Saudi labor law a expatriates who working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can enjoy following kind of leaves.

  1. Annual Leave
  2. Sick Leave
  3. Hajj Leave
  4. Marriage Leave
  5. Maternity Leave
  6. Eids Leave
  7. National Day Leave
  8. Death in Family Leave


Annual Leave

According to  Saudi Labor Law, Employees can get 21 days paid Annual Vacation. If your agreement with your employer is less than 21 first day you have right to increase it to 21 days.

In case you are working  with same employer about  since 5 years you are entitled  to get  30 days paid annual vacation. If your employer  doesn’t do this, then he is violating Saudi Labor Law Article 109.1

But you can apply for annual leave after completing  2 years of your agreement
Every expatriates who working in Saudi Arabia can get vacation during the years it is due. If employee does not  take annual vacation then it’s decision of  employer  to switch his vacation to next year  forfeit the benefit.


Sick Leave


Unfortunately if any Employee get sickness then he can take 4 month sick leave from his Kafeel/Sponsor or Company.  For taking  sick leave you should be have a sick leave certification from Doctor  and time period of leave suggested by doctor must be written in  medical sick certification.
Following are the detail of leave encashment.
Fully paid for first 30 days
3/4 of total wages is for next 60 days
Next 30 days Unpaid
 Hajj Leave
               If  a Muslim employee wants to perform the Hajj,  then  can get 10 days paid leave. But for Hajj leave encashment you must have Hajj Permit for getting or applying for hajj permit click here
 Marriage Leave
                 An Employee can get  5 days leave encashment for marriage and these five days vocation will be deduct from his Annual leave.
 Maternity Leave
                     In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  a female employee can take 70 days leave encashment in case of delivery of child .  According to Saudi Labor Law (Article 151 to 156), These 70 days leaves are allow in following schedule
  • 4 Weeks before delivery Leave encashment
  • 6 Weeks after delivery Leave encashment

Delivery date declared by Doctor.


 Eid Leave

Two Eids  Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha are  celebrated in Kingdom of Saudi  Arabia. As the Saudi labour law 4 vacations are allowed for each Eid .


 National Day Leave

23rd of September is the day of  Saudi Arabia National Day According to  Saudi Arabia labor law . All employees are allowed one day paid leave for National Day of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


 Death in Family Leave

If Unfortunately any employee s face the death of any his/her blood relations  like wife mother father brother sister  son or daughter, He entitled 5 days. In case of female  if her husband dead she can get 4 months 10 days Iddah leave.




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  1. Hello, pano yong wedding po gawin sa pinas? D po pwdeng mag.leave ng 1 month i.deduct lng po sa leave ko?. Thanks

  2. Dear Sir,
    I would like to inquire abut the vacation leave as a person worked on one day before the starting the Eid holidays he would be entitled the whole the period of Eid holidas or not…? i.e. Eid Holidays started on 5th of July but he worked on 3rd july and went on vacation… How many days of his salary we have to calculate… 1st to 9th July or only Eid Holiday and weekend days (Fri & Sun)…

    Thanks and regards

  3. Hi.

    I took X days (unpaid vacation days before EID) and returned back after the EID holidays. Am I eligible for 4 days of pay during EID ? Kindly clarify.

  4. Sir, Im enter soudiarabia 19.07.2016 but compny m go vacation 6month.Sir please help me. Guide m soudi labour law and salary dues

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