Sawa Credit Transfer International

Credit Transfer

STC provide their customer to enjoy the service of credit transfer from sawa to sawa and sawa to international number.


  • Smallest amount SR20 have to remain in the sender’s credit after transfer.
  • Minimum amount of transfer per transaction is SR5.
  • Maximum amount of transfer per transaction is SR20.
  • The amount transferred should be a multiple of 5 (5,10,15 and 20).


The  service fee of Credit Transfer is SR0.50 per transaction.

How to transfer credit

There are to Method to share your credit

Send an SMS to 1500
MethodThe sender

The recipient

First MethodSend an SMS to 1500 including *133* the recipient’s number *the credit amount#
Send an SMS to 1500 including *133* the recipient’s ID
# number
Second MethodSend an SMS to 1500 including: *133* the recipient’s number *the credit amount*the recipient’s ID number#

This kind of transfer of credit does not increase the validity of your number. For inquire about your number validity dial *166# 

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  1. Pleas I want to know how can I transfer Blanche to Pakistan from sawa thnx

  2. How can first time 100 sr transfer please reply

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