SAWA 4G Wifi Router

Sawa Wifi Router / modem Price

Sawa offer to get to  wifi router with some data free. Now you can get sawa router with free internet data and enjoy 4G speed.

sawa 4g router price

sawa 4g router price

With sawa stc router you can get package 50 GB , 300 GB, 1000 GB free with sawa 4G router for further detail see the table

575  SAR50GB +wifi router 


3 Months


915  SAR

300GB +wifi router


6 Months


1425  SAR

1TB +wifi router


12 Months


650  SAR

Unlimited +wifi router


3 Months



How to activate SAWA 4G

Sawa customer can activate the 4G on their intent sim card or on wifi router. To activate of sawa 4G Write in your message box

4466 and send it to  900

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