Saudi Labor Laws in Urdu

Now you can read Saudi Labor law

If you are Pakistani and want to know know about the labor law so this article for you

following Image contain Saudi labor law in Urdu

Labour law in Urdu

Saudi Labor Law in Urdu




labour law 2

labour law 2

labour law in urdu pic3

labour law in urdu pic3

labor law 3

labor law 3



labour law

labor law



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  1. I do work hotel. My iqama finish before 6 day.

  2. Sir, Im enter soudiarabia 19.07.2016 but compny m go vacation 6month.Sir please help me. Guide m soudi labour law and salary dues

  3. My service is Terminated after 12-Years.
    but, the sponsor is not clearing/Paying my Dues ( End of service Benefits ) despite several promises.
    How to apply/file case in Labor Office?

    Best Regards,

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