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Saudi Iqama Jawazat Fees Updated 2018

Saudi Iqama Jawazat Fees Updated 2018

Saudi Government announce updated jawazat fees for each kind of jawazat services

Following table contain the updated 2018 jawazat fee list in following table you will see one Arabic term as Naqal Kafala if we translate this word in English we will know Naqal means Change or transfer and Kafala mean Sponsorship


Jawazat Title Jawazat Fees in SAR Year
Domestic worker Visa Fees 2300 2018
Permanent Family Visa 2000 2018
Single entry and exit 300 2018
Multiple exit and entry 500 2018
Final Exit Free 2018
Family First time Single visa exit 500 2018
Naqal Kafala 2000 2018
Work Permit 2000 2018
Visit visa Fees 600 2018
First Iqama Fees 600 2018
Iqama renewal fees 350 2018


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    Hi Good day! I worked in Saudi Arabia Arabia From 2013 to 2015 and my employer gave me re-entry visa when I had my vacation leave in the Philippines. I’ve had no bad records when I left the Kingdom. I did not return in Saudi Arabia because of personal reasons until my visa expired. After almost 3 years, I want to come back to the kingdom. My iqama number is 2354250595. Thank you. Your response will be very much appreciated. EDDIE MALONES JR

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