Remove Fake Huroob sets for your Iqama

Fake Huroob

Sometimes it happens that your Company or Kafeel  impose Huroob status  your Iqama/Muqeem Card. Its means that you  escaped from your company or Kafeel/sponsor  Your Kafeel reports against you in Passport Authorities that now you are  not more his responsibility.

But In reality you are still working with your Sponsor he made a fake huroob case against you because of some personal or other problems.

Remove Huroob

Remove Huroob

Solution for  Fake Huroob

If fake Huroob status set for your Iqama then you should go to the  Passport Authority/Jawazat & Ministry of Labor and  there file an appeal against your Kafeel. You should  state that your Kafeel has set Huroob status on fake basis and if you prove it then your Huroob status will be removed.

After Removing Huroob status you have two option


Change your sponsorship and work again in Kingdom of Saudi Arab.


You go to Final Exit.


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  1. Naveed Kaleem Abbasi

    I came on final exit after 5 years as my jeans was remaining for few days to expire, but notoriously my sponsor put haroob on my exit giving me leave for ten days, HR team of essam kabbani co told me go on kharooj wa auwda and after two weeks my iqama would expire by default no need for any documents etc, now when I applied in another company I came to know that I am Haroobed, unjustly… Please advise…

  2. Assalamo allykum .kiyay kafeel cahy to huroob hat sakta hy

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