Professions that Necessary For the Eligibility of Family Visa

Following Profession are required for the eligibility of family visa.






Accounts and Administration

1 Chief Executive Office

2 Accountant

3 Auditor

4 Accountant


Airlines Department

1    Pilot

2   Flight Technician  and Aircraft Maintenance Technician

3   Air Hostess

4   Aircraft Takeoff Controller

5  Assistant Pilot

6   Air Navigator

7  Air Transport Manager


Archeology Department 

 1  Director
2  Prospector
3   Researcher
4  Draftsman

 Banking Department

1 Bank Manager

2 Banker

3 Assistant Manager
Navy Department
1 Captain
2. Cruise & Carrier
3  Steamship
4  Maintenance Technician
5  Supervisor
Medical Department
 Analysis Specialist
 Equipment Technician
 Therapy Specialist
 X-ray Specialist
 Physician (any kind of  Specializations)
Surgeon (Any Kind of Specializations)
 Veterinary Doctors
Other Department
Any Kind of  Counselor
Chairman of Any Department
Director  (all kinds)
Manager  of Any Department
Specialist o statistics
Director of any Department
Expert of Earthquake
Economics  Analyst
Gulf countries Ambassador and any employee of Embassy
Executive Secretary
Expert of Finance Department
 Surveyor of Any kind
 General Supervisor (Any Kind)

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