Procedure Of Iqama For New Coming Expatriates



Once you  land in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   on Azad /free visa or  company  visa, Your residence permit countdown will start because  your  visa validity has only 90 days.

Before  the  expiry date of  your visa, It is the responsibility of your company   to get Muqeeem Card/Iqama  for you.

If  your company or  Kafeel did not issue your Iqama within 90 days from your date of  arrival  there  will be a penalty for your  company or Kafeel

In case of Azad visa  you have to pay for Iqama as per your deal with your kafeel.


What Document required for Iqama

1 Your medical report

2 Two passport size photo of you

3 Copy of your agreement


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  1. Dear Brother,

    I am an Indian mechanical engineer working in the K.S.A for the last two months without being able to secure my iqama from my employer. It is more than a month since my registration is done successfully with Soudi Council of Engineers, I work with a company who doesn’t usually take more than 2 weeks or so to avail the iqama for their employees which has far exceeded in my case. However, a check I made with the MOL website shows the following status : THERE IS MORE THAN ONE RECORD THAT SATISFIES THE CONDITION WE HOPE AUDIT OFFICE. A rigorous follow up I attempt to make with my office is taken lightly sighting a software issue with the MOL website.

    Could you please advise what could be the actual cause of the delay as per the statement I put above? I have a very urgent requirement to avail it, since I need to be back home for a very few days in the coming week.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Amjeth Khan

  2. I am new here and i done medical and also give 2 passport size photos now after 1 week my qafeel said your iqama is not come because you didn’t do your insurance …..he is asking me to do insurance first then your iqama will arrived ….my question is issurance is also must for iqama??? Please reply….

  3. What is the fees of health insurance???

  4. i am new here and my kafeel is not received for me but am search of kafeel .but not meet and their number is off .this is big problem for me .please tell what is doing here my Self

  5. Please reply me?

  6. Dharmasastha Pavadai

    My name is Dharma
    Request you to provide the following details
    1.cost of new Iqama -labour visa category charges for labour visa category
    3.cost of medical insurance

  7. Respected sir.
    Is that possible to know iqama issued or not yet or iqama no. by passport no.?
    I will be too thankful if you inform me kindly

    Passport no. AD8584456


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