Hajj permit for Saudi residents 2017
Hajj Tasreeh 2017

Hajj permit for Saudi residents 2017

Hajj permit for Saudi residents 2017

This article helpful for those who intend to perform Hajj.

If you are living in Saudi Arabia and want to perform Hajj this year Saudi government provide facility to apply for hajj permit online via Hajj officially site of Saudi government.

How to apply for Hajj TASTREEH 2017

Step 1,

Visit the official site of Ministry of Hajj site or simply click here

Step 2,

After opening above Hajj site select the language English or Arabic  from top right corner from hajj official site.


Step 3,

Now you can select one of giving 3 Hajj Packages.

1 Low fare   = SAR 3000

2 Normal fare =  SAR  3000 to SAR 5250

3 Moyassur    = SAR  5893 to  SAR 11890


Step 4,

After clicking the one of above three a Booking Reservation window will be appear  here you fill a form in  which you will write  Number of male pilgrims, Number of female pilgrims,  then select  City and Package type

and  Click on Submit.


Step 5,

A list of companies will be show  who are operating hajj services  the company  depend  on your selected city, and these company  including all  details of  Camp Category, Distance of Jammarat, Transport avail in  in Mashaer,   Camp code, detail of Food Important  Furniture, and  detail about Transportation. After reading all above detail click on Book .5

Step 6,

After clicking of  Book button an another window will be appear this contain following  details like

Your Mobile Number,

Your Email,

Your Name,

Your Nationality

Your Iqama Number

Your Iqama Expiry Date

Your Iqama Issued City,

Your Gender

Your Date of Birth.

After putting all above detail click on Submit Button


Step 7,
 After  completing  all the above procedure, you will revive a Text  on your phone this text contain contract number and date.
Step 8
After getting SMS   again visit Hajj ministry official website, and print the contractat.
Step 9
Once you get  Contact  following document will be required
Passport size photographs,
Blood type




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  1. Muhammad Faraz Ahmed

    From which date local hajj booking will start ?

  2. When we can apply for local hajj and where apply online or any hajj operator . Plz tell we

  3. Please inform if children are allowed to accompany parents. My son only 4 years old and want to take him with me

    • I think children under 5 age not allowed with parents if you apply in low fare category but allowed in normal fare but no need thasreeh . above 5 age need thasreeh

  4. Muhammad Awais Arshad

    Someone told me its starts on 3rd Aug.

  5. prices for categories are wrong, please revise..

  6. Please state when and how to pay hajj fee (through bank or abshir or ministry of hajj).
    Thanks in advance

  7. As salamu alai kum brothers

    Current time : 20th July 2016 – 8:30 am – there is still no indication of online bookings on this website(http://localhaj.haj.gov.sa/) for Hajj-2016 for local expats.
    Is the website been changed for booking or the date has been changed – anyone pls comment if he has any information regarding this.

    Jazakallah khair
    Riyaz Ahmed

  8. Site is open, but unable to make registered . Can any any body reply when registration will start.

  9. I want to make a hajj tasreeh…

  10. i want to perform Hajj with my children aged 06 and 02 years please if someone knows guide us


  11. If a person is new in kingdom and does not hold Iqama (Iqama is under process), can he apply for hajj 2016 , under normal fare package?
    Anyone have any information on this.

  12. Server is busy from 8.00 AM by today… what is the solution for Hajj booking…

  13. verification code not coming on phone

  14. I am trying since morning but verification code is not coming and if verification code comes unknown error comes that ” remove the highlighted error” even there is no error. can some one please inform how to resolve this issue.

  15. I applied in morning but verification code comes now and now that package list finish..what should i do know?

  16. Sir I want apply for only hajj tasreeh how much process plz tell me im from skaka

  17. Me and my husband want to perform hajj this year in normal fare range. We are muqeem in KSA since 2.5 years and we havn’t perform hajj yet. We are in Pakistan and will arrive KSA on 12th August. What will be the procedure for us to apply? Our Iqama numbers are:
    Nudrat Fatima
    Syed Muhammad Kamran

  18. iam facing issue while filling pilgrim information…asking to fix the highlighted errors….there is no error

    Please check the highlighted errors

  19. Hi,

    Can we take children under 5 with us on low fare package?

    • i applied for hajj and i have done payment,any one please help how to get tasreeh,i tried from MOI.but still showing NO PERMIT.

  20. Salam , I have applied from portal I add my name & wife name but didn’t my son of 11months old, is it a problem? Please explain

  21. I have applied for low category will they allow my son 1 year old with me

  22. how to apply for haj for expired father who never performed haj . I myself performed haj 2 years ago .

  23. Use the chrome browser…there is no technical issues…

  24. How can we know which package will have English or Urdu speaking leaders. Or all of them cater for everyone?

  25. I also face error plz check highlighted error.sir plzsir guide me where i get low cost hajj package.

  26. Is there any other way to for low cost hajj package me and my wife want to do haj this year .

  27. ”The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator”
    is the localhaj site closed for outside ksa

  28. i can’t access the site from outside ksa , I am resident in ksa but now in my yearly holidays
    how to register

  29. Dear Sir

    I paid the amount to Ministry of Hajj & Umra on yesterday through online. When will be issue the Contract Number & Date from Ministry of Hajj? When will be get text message. How many days took for further process? Please advise to me.

  30. Sir, I have applied to low cost hajj. The company through which I have applied is in Makkah but I am in Khobar. Please guide to me the next procedure. The company though which I Have applied is not receiving my call.

    Please assist to me. It will be highly appreciated.


    • me also facing the same problem . I am in dammam n my hajj operator in makkah . nasser abdulla abu sarhad @ company .

    • contact your operator…his number is mentioned with your details…you can send the photos of the documents through email or whatsapp

  31. Please check my tsreeh status iqama no 2357706403…i dnt know method

  32. Hi Admin,

    I would like to apply low fare for my wife, but unfortunately I am not able to reserve in this category for female. But for men its available. What is the issue.. .Please advise…earlier I have done 3-4 time the booking procedure, but unfortunately it doesn’t completed. The registration wizard get exit into home page several time….


  33. Hi,

    I paid the amount for Hajj 2016 selecting from Dammam at normal fare. I am trying to reach the Hajj company but the numbers are not valid and the address shows mecca. Can any one help me to find the contact details of the hajj company. They don’t have offices in Dammam.

    Haj Company Name شركة الفارس المحدودة


    • Mohamed Khan Shajahan

      yes you can. you have to visit the local haj website, there u can find the menu haj company name and haj company places by clicking this you can put the haj company code and submit you will get all the details about their mobile no. tent no. etc.

  34. salam sir i finished the registration but i dont know where i will submit the hajj fee i dont have any mobile no where i asked for companies of hajj

  35. i want hajj low cost

  36. Hi

    Till which date I can apply for Haj? And how many internal Saudi people will get a chance to do Haj this year? I mean the quota for Saudi residents this year

  37. I applied low cost haj.I revice confirmation sms on my mobile.after that I did not get any sms.I don’t know my booking is conferm or not .how to check confirmation booking .

    • you will have to confirm it by going to website clicking on reservation inquiry under packages and reservation then enter your mobile number and iqama then click on confirm

  38. Masood Ahmad Mailk Mailk

    Is there any other way for low cost hajj package me and my wife want to do haj this year 2016. Please guide and reply me .

  39. I have applied for Hajj with four other members on 04.08.2016, I have received two verification codes but still reservation number not received, is there any possibility that I will receive the reservation number.

  40. علي رضا خان

    dear sir me MR ALI RAZA KHAN S/O SAIF ULLAH KHAN from lahore pakistan but now at Taif saudi Arabia IQAMA NO 2365083373 Want perform Hajj 2016 at package of SR 3015 kindly guide me my fone no at saudi arabia 00966556916514 / 0572098569

  41. Sir plz mention closing date of registration for hajj 2016

  42. Plz mention last date of registration for hajj 2016

  43. Mustkeem Abdul Hakim

    I want to go on hajj this year, my father and mother are coming , I want to do Hajj with them please let us know

  44. My iqama is under process can I apply for hajj
    What is the difference between tasreeh hajj and hajj permit
    How can I check my status of iqama

  45. Mustkeem Abdul Hakim

    Sir I want only hajj tasreeh how much process plz reply me

  46. i am from dammam, i already applied for hajj and paid as well. but the haj service provider selected from makkah branch. my question is, how to get the tasreeh print ? pls help

    • you should submit the requirements to the haj service provider (2 pcs pasport size photo, vaccination certificate for haj – meningitis and influenza -, copy of iqama) or you can call the provider first for more information

  47. what is mean by MOH quota invalid, iam facing this error while reservation process…

  48. Dear Sir,
    at the end on terms and conditions step when i click on ” i agree” its move to previous step and show error “MOH quota is not valid”…is there anyone who can guide???

  49. Assalamu aliakum
    I have question regarding hajj. I live in Suadi Arabia and work here. I have an iqama and I have invited members of my family for visit visa. Can they be registered here in Saudi for hajj? And what about if I want to go hajj with them where I have iqama and they have visit visa. Thank you

  50. Salam o elekum
    If some one can give me the lowest cost for hujj it will be very appreciable….m in Riyadh city… 0547730152 Waqar Ahmed

  51. Assalamu aliakum
    I have question regarding hajj. I live in Suadi Arabia and work here. I have an iqama and I have invited members of my family for visit visa. Can they be registered here in Saudi for hajj? And what about if I want to go hajj with them where I have iqama and they have visit visa. Thank you

  52. I have question regarding hajj. I live in Suadi Arabia and work here. I have an iqama and I have invited


    I applied for hajj and got registration number and I have done payment, any one please help how to get Tasreeh, I tried from MOI. but still showing NO PERMIT.

    • Keep checking in sha Allah you will get the permit. even I was facing the same scenario, today I checked and I received my tashreeh

  54. I want a hajj tashreeh plz contact me 0591913018

  55. I want a urgent hajj tashreeh plz contact me on whats up +923354019584

  56. Salaam Alaikum,

    I live and and work i n Riyadh and I am looking for an English speaking group to go Hajj with. Please get in touch, will highly appreciate.

  57. Salam-Alaikum, Inshallah I will be performing Haj this year 2016, paid the fees and got the confirmation. I live in Dammam and my Haj operator is in Madina. Just I want to know the documents Vaccination, Photos, Iqama copy are must required to submit to get the Tasreh (permit) or it has nothing to do with Tasreeeh, just to be submit later to the Haj operator before Haj. I am not getting proper answer from my Haj operator. Pls. help.

    • Walekum assalaam.

      Please visit the below website and enter your details. you can print your tasreeh if it is processed. Just keep your documents ready, make sure your vaccinations are done. I have printed my tasreeh online, I didn’t submit any documents to the hajj operator. Just keep your vaccinations report ready.


    • Mohamed Khan Shajahan

      For getting Haj Permit nothing is required. After making payment within 2 days your Haj permit will be ready. To get the Work Permit, visit the following site (www.moi.gov.sa) then click the menu electronic services then another menu will appear there you can see the Haj Permit menu click that one, and then click enquiry about Haj Permit, then enter your iqama no. and your birth date mentioned on your iqama and the number displayed on the down for verification that’s all and submit if your Haj permit is ready means it will show you can print and keep it with you. You required a two number of photos and vaccination certificate (from govt. hospitals or Clinic it is free. if your go to private hospitals they will charge some fee) to enter the Holy places. Your Haj operator will give you a identity card with your photographs.

  58. Vaccinations & Blood Group report required for all haji’s and documents to be submitted to your local operator/shirka.

    2 photographs if your perfoming hajj again with in 5 years as a mahram.

    I just called ministry toll free no. they said permit will be issue in 2 weeks from the date of payment and if you are applying as a mahram then it takes 2 – 3 weeks.

    Moyasser and low packages are already booked now there is only normal packages available which starts from 7K to 13K. You can book urself no need for any agent select the operator and book urself. Link is mentioned below.

    For other questions i recommend you guys should call toll free no. You can talk in english and arabic as well.


  59. Assalamu aliakumI have question regarding hajj. I live in Suadi Arabia and work here. I have an iqama and I have invited members of my family wife and 2 children for visit visa. Can they be registered here in Saudi forhajj? can i get tassreh my family. And what about if I want to go hajj with them where I have iqama and they have visit visa. Thank you

  60. i want hajj tasreeh for me and family…is now possible

  61. How many day it will take to issue tashreeh after payment.

  62. I have already registered for Haj. However, I have not received any payment link. I do have reference number. What is SADAD code for Minstry of Hajj if I pay through Saudi British Bank

  63. Mohammed Ponmanath

    I am from Jeddah,I want low fare hajj package with my wife, can anyone help .

    Mobile :0558835960

  64. Arshad Mahmood Mughal

    I want hajj tasreeh at low fare . if it possible please consider me .i am living in Riyadh.
    Mobile No. 0597138208

  65. Arshad Mahmood Mughal

    I want Haj Tasreeh

  66. As-salāmu ʿalaykum

    I perform Hajj last 3 year ago alone and this year I have applied for haj with my wife, and submitted all the document through the online portal. My wifes’s tashreeh has been printed but till now I did not get my Tasreeh, I contacted to my Hajj operator, they requested me to fill the Mehram form, i filled that form and send it to them.

    They assured that my tashreeh will be printed in couple of days but now they are saying that it is rejected by Jawazat.
    I am mehram to my wife, how she can perform hajj without me.

    I called to Hajj ministry, they replied that it’s normal case, and they are providing the Hajj permit for mehram.
    Please let me know, what should i have to do.?

    Iqamah ID :- 2334984024

    Mobile NO- 0591823996

    Please help me, Allah will bless you the reward.

  67. Asalaam Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatu. .I know it’s very late ..can I get just one seat with a group coz I have no mahrim

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