Check Online Passport Status Details

Check Passport Status Details Now you can check the detail of your passport status via this online service Procedure to check the passport Status Detail It is very simple to check the detail about your passport or tracking of your passport You just follow the following detail Enter the Passport number in the box of file number After putting passport ... Read More »

Check Saudi Iqama Renewal Fees 1437 | 2017

What is Saudi Iqama Renewal Fees 1437? Ministry of Interior  recommend the Jawazat office to revise the iqama  renewal fees and other jawazat fee Following table contains the detail of Iqama Renewal fees for 1437 Iqama Title Fees in (Saudi Rial) New Iqama fees for Newcomer 600 Iqama Renewal Fees 350     Read More »

Brazilian football team dead in Colombia Plane

The Brazilian football team dead  in Colombia Plane was conveying the Chapecoense side to the last of the Copa Sudamericana, where they were because of face Colombian group Atletico Nacional on Wednesday MEDELLIN, Colombia — A contracted airplane with 81 individuals on load up, including a Brazilian first division soccer group making a beeline for Colombia for a provincial competition ... Read More »

طائرة مستأجرة مع 81 شخصا كانوا على متنها، بما في ذلك فريق كرة القدم البرازيلي

طائرة مستأجرة مع 81 شخصا كانوا على متنها، بما في ذلك فريق كرة القدم البرازيلي، قد تحطمت في وسط كولومبيا، وتقول جمعية الطيران المدني في البلاد. كولومبيا  – طائرة مستأجرة مع 81 شخصا كانوا على متنها، بما في ذلك دوري الدرجة الاولى لكرة القدم البرازيلي يتوجه الى كولومبيا لنهائي البطولة الإقليمية، قد تحطمت في طريقها إلى مطار ميديين الدولي. وقالت ... Read More »

Donald Trump Immigrant First Lady of America

Donald Trump has become a master of the White House After that Donald Trump has become a master of the White House in his capacity as President of the United States 45, his wife Melania will be the First Lady of America. Melania and presented to America as an immigrant from Slovenia in 1996, and worked as a model, and ... Read More »

Donald trump on immigration

Donald trump on immigration Went (Tuesday) 200 million US voters, are eligible to vote, the polling stations to choose the next president of the United States of America. The big Election Day after a fierce election campaign for several months, led by the two candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and raised a sharp division in the country. Recent opinion ... Read More »

How to check iqama fund

Check Iqama fund Detail Before checking your iqama fund detail you must to know what is iqama fund. What is Iqama Fund? Iqama fund is fund that is submit by you or you sponsor/Kafeel/Company for the purpose to make payment of  your jawazat fees for purpose of Permanent  Visa For Family Visa for Domestic worker Exit Visa Exit and Reentry Visa ... Read More »

طريقة و خطوات تحديث بيانات الضمان الاجتماعي 1438 البوابة الالكترونية وزارة العمل والتنمية الاجتماعية

تعليمات لاصلاح الضمان الاجتماعي، نقدم لكم توضيح كيفية وخطوات تحديث المعلومات العجز الحكومي في 1438 والرفاه الاجتماعي، وموقع مدخل لإعادة تصميم معلومات المستلم من مشروع الضمان الاجتماعي في وزارة العمل والتنمية الاجتماعية في المملكة العربية السعودية eservices.mlsd.، حيث بدأت وزارة العمل الحصول على اتصال استعداد تحديث المعلومات الادخار موحدة، ومسح على خطوات الأكثر أهمية ترقية الادخار موحدة ومعلومات الرعاية ... Read More »

MOI KSA Ministry of Interior Officail website

What is MOI The full form of moi is  Ministry of Interior. MOI Official Website MOI of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have an official website this official website is made to solve the problems of expatriates and some other purpose. Moi have some navigation or you can call it Menu. MOI ksa official website contain the following navigations Home | About ... Read More »

MOI Expats Service

Ministry Of Interior facilitate the expat through the expat service where expat can solve their problems with in seconds Following Issue can be solve via this service   MOI Diwan Public Query DMS Information Public Query Available Fund Passports Book an Appointment Public Query FingerPrint Enrollment Public Query Hajj Eligibility Public Query Health Insurance Validity(For Residents) Public Query of Exit/Re-Entry ... Read More »