Eid Al Adha 2016 Vocations, / Hollidays

ZUL-HIJJAH is the last month of the Islamic calendar. This is month consider is the holy month for Muslims. Muslim celebrate their Eid al adha at 10th day of this month. Kingdom of Saudi have Islamic Government and at the Eid al adha festival government announce the vocations.   11 September 12 September 13 September 14 September Read More »

How Can I Check Status of my iqama in Nitaqat


  Check your Iqama Status This article will help you to check your iqama Nitaqat status, After reading this article you will be able to check you Iqama status. What is Nitaqat? Nitaqat is an arabic term that is use for range  or zone, in case to check of your iqama status this Nitaqat term is use for checking the ... Read More »

Latest mobily internet packages

Mobily offer to their customer to enjoy the unlimited internet packages with suitable price. This article will help you to activate the mobily internet packages and the charges of that packages. Following table contain the all detail of Mobily  internet package 4g internet package Validy Of Mobily Internt Package Price with SIM card Price of Sim card+  Wifi Router 1 Month ... Read More »

Cost of Hajj 2016 Hajj tasreeh Cost

Cost of Hajj 2016 Hajj tasreeh Cost This article will give you complete information about complete Hajj package You can you take benefit low cast hajj through these packages these hajj package taken from officially website of the Hajj ministry Cost of the that provide the local Hajj Companies between 3000 to 11,890  but here we just show the low cost ... Read More »

Birth Certificate Appointment in Saudi Arabia

Ahwal Madani Appointment Birth Certificate Appointment in Saudi Arabia Special Thanks to Mohsin Shaukat  who Share his experience  This article will help you to know what happend when you get appointment ahwal Madani Hope this information about birth certificate  that  I am going to share will help you. I would like to share my experience here with regard to the ... Read More »

Free Call to India from Saudi Arabia

Free Call to mobile from Saudi Araba If you have android phone you can enjoy  to make free  to Pakistan India Nepal Bangladesh Philippines call with installing free app in your mobile phone from Google Play store From this app you can enjoy unlimited free calls to following country from Saudi Arabia Free call  to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia Free ... Read More »

SAWA 4G Wifi Router

Sawa Wifi Router / modem Price Sawa offer to get to  wifi router with some data free. Now you can get sawa router with free internet data and enjoy 4G speed. With sawa stc router you can get package 50 GB , 300 GB, 1000 GB free with sawa 4G router for further detail see the table PRICE PACKAGE VALIDITY ... Read More »

Sawa 4G Internet Packages

Sawa STC 4G Internet Packages SAWA offer to their customer to enjoy 4G Internet packages sawa provide many 4G offers You can check the internet package detail  in following table   DATA PRICE IN SAR VALIDITY 3GB 70   1 Month   50GB   250   3 Months   1TB   1100   12 Months   Unlimited 1200   12 ... Read More »

Sawa Customer Service Number STC Helpline

SAWA Helpline  Information Sawa provide helpline customer to their customer for resolve the problems. Sawa customer can enjoy free helpline call . If you are facing some problem relating of SAWA stc  service like low internet speed  or  signal problem you can make free call to sawa helpine. Detail about Service Helpline  service by STC provides to their customer to call a toll free ... Read More »

Unlimited Internet Package

Mobily Unlimited Internet Package Mobily offer to their customer to enjoy the unlimited internet package. If you are mobily customer now you can get benefits of unlimited usage of internet data . Mobily Unlimited Internet For using unlimited internet package read the following table and know how can get unlimited offer. Validity  Time One month 3 month 6 Month 1 YEAR ... Read More »