What is Nitaqat? Detail about colors

Nitaqat is  Law for Saudization.The basic aim of this law is to give employment to Saudi nationals instead of any foreign expatriates. This law classified the Companies into four categories  1 Platinum, 2 Green, 3 Yellow and 4 Red.   Meaning of colors Platinum or Green     These two color indicate  that company has high saudization rate. Benefits  Following the benefits of ... Read More »

Check Iqama Nitqat Status

Check company status | iqama status | nitqat You can check your company or Kafeel status via official site of Ministry of Labor. For knowing your company or kafeel  Nitaqat categories color Please follow the below steps Step 1 Open the following link. https://www.mol.gov.sa/services/inquiry/nonsaudiempinquiry.aspx Step 2 Type your Iqama Number in  2nd textbox for further detail check below photo. Step3 Write captcha number ... Read More »

Transfer of iqama via Absher without the Approval of Current Sponsor/Kafeel

Now passport department (Jawazat) offer you to transfer of your sponsorship/Tanazul without the permission of your current Sponsor/Kafeel. You can transfer of your sponsorship If you met any one of the following conditions. 1 If your company Nitiqat status is Red or Yellow then Ministry of Interior allow you permission to transfer your sponsorship without any approval of your current Sponsor/Kafeel. ... Read More »

Business Visa in Saudia Arabia

If you are interested to doing business in Saudi Arabia then you can get business visa. For getting Business Visa you Must be valid sponsorship from Saudi Arabian Company or Saudi Arabian Business. Only Investors, Businessmen, Managers, Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, etc are applicable for Business Visa. Engineers, Doctors, Programmers, Professors, Teachers, Technicians are not applicable for Business Visa because there ... Read More »

Work Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia

Work Visit Visa is a temporary work visa that is issued for very short time it is fast and its procedure is so simple. An  Invitation  letter is required  from a company /sponsor or an individual,  and  duly attested by the Saudi chamber of commerce in the Performa after attesting it is  approved by the Saudi Foreign Ministry. What  Document Required for Work ... Read More »

Procedure to Extend Visit Visa

How Can I get extension of Family Visit Visa If you have Invite your family in Visit Visa and you want to extend Visit Visa you can extend it. If you bring your family  and  visit visa is issued for 30 days, then you have opportunity  to extend it for five  times ie,. Each time you can get  30 days  extension ... Read More »

Professions that Necessary For the Eligibility of Family Visa

Following Profession are required for the eligibility of family visa.         Accounts and Administration 1 Chief Executive Office 2 Accountant 3 Auditor 4 Accountant   Airlines Department 1    Pilot 2   Flight Technician  and Aircraft Maintenance Technician 3   Air Hostess 4   Aircraft Takeoff Controller 5  Assistant Pilot 6   Air Navigator 7  Air Transport Manager   Archeology Department   1 ... Read More »

Check Your Kafeel/Sponsor and ID Number

Benefits of having  Kafee/Sponsor lD ? If you have your Kafeel ID you can check your Exit and  re entry visa status, medical Insurance expiry date and some more thing. How can I check my Kafeel/Sponsor name and his ID Number? There are two method  to check your Kafeel Name or his ID Number. First Method  You can Check your Kafeel name ... Read More »


CHECK EXIT/RE-ENTRY STATUS ONLINE IN KINGDOM SAUDI ARABIA Now you can ch Check your exit visa  or  reentry  and final exit Kingdom Saudi Arabia visa validity and expiry date online through  with the help of muqeem online service from the ELM that is providing by  Ministry of Interior of Saudi  Arabia. How can i use online check Check EXIT/RE-ENTRY Online In ... Read More »


Now Ministry of Interior provide you E-services through your Absher  Account To know about Your Iqama Status. Your Re-entry or Exit Visa. Your Traffic Violation Penalties. Your Vehicle Insurance Validity date. Your Tanazul. Your Kafeel/sponsor or Company Status. Your Eligibility for Hajj. Your Medical Insurance Detail.   How can I register Absher in MOI? To get these all benefits, you ... Read More »