Check IQAMA Expiry | Iqama status

Check IQAMA Expiry | Iqama status Moi Iqama expiry  service This article contain the information about to check  date of expiry of your Iqama and in case you submit your iqama for renewal purpose you can get informed through this service that your iqama is renewed or still in process. For renewing of your iqama you must pay some Jawazat ... Read More »


MUQEEM RESIDENT IDENTITY CARD FOR  KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA Starting from the Islamic new year  1st Muharram  1437 Hijri (14th October  2015), The government of Saudi Arab is going to provide a new kind  of Identity cards for expatriates who are  living in the kingdom named  like Resident Identity Card or it is also called  Muqeem Card, that  is going to ... Read More »