Naqal Kafala Check

Naqal Kafala

Are you  working in Saudi Arabia? yes , then you know that it is the best place for doing job here because of the high wages rate. But here is kafala system if you want to know what is kafala system check the kafala system here.

What is Naqal Kafala

Naqal Kafala is an Arabic term that’s mean transfer your sponsorship.

How to Naqal Kafala

You know that you can change /Naqal your sponsorship / kafala there are two way to change / Naqal your sponsor / kafala

First Way

The First way is that you go final exit and come back


Second Way

In second way you can change or transfer your sponsorship that is called in arabic as  Naqal Kafala 

Transfer of iqama via Absher without the Approval of Current Sponsor/Kafeel

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