jobs in Saudi Arabia

Foreman Jobs

 Job Title Job Description  Company Name  Online Apply Architect A field supervisory job, reporting to the Foreman. Chargehands are responsible for the supervision of a team of tradesmen involved in discharging trade specific construction activities within a project area. Consolidated Contractors Company 3cc  Apply Now  Construction Manager Ultimately responsible for the direction and coordination of site resources, in order to ... Read More »

Engineers jobs

If you are engineer  want to join the Consolidated Contractors Company 3cc  this article will help you to online apply for engineering job         Job Title Job Description Company Name Online Apply Automation Engineer Automation engineers are highly skilled IT professionals Consolidated Contractors Company 3cc Apply now  Geomatics Engineer The Geomatics/Surveying Engineer shoud have a bachelor in ... Read More »

Jobs in Aramco Saudi Arabia

Following Safety related jobs available in if you are interested to become the part of Saudi Aramco and want to apply simply click on following jobs Title and get online apply for on official site of Aramco Job Title Security Vetting Analyst (Intelligence Analyst)  Engineer of safety Engineer for Fire Protection Firefighter  Sr. Industrial Skills Trainer  Engineer for Loss Prevention (Safety)  Investigator officer of Corporate Security Investigator Analysis for Business ... Read More »

Jobs in Aramco

Saudi Aramco is one of  largest company of Saudi Arabia. Working for Saudi Aramco in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an opportunity. Following vacancies are available in Saudi Aramco. Finance Accounting Staff Analyst/Specialist, Unconventional  Consultant of Finance   Specialist of Hedge Fund  Specialist of Cash Management/Cashier  Consultants For Insurance Risk Management  Specialist of Market Risk Planning & Performance Management Specialist/Analyst  Specialist/ Analyst of Cost Management and Profitability  Business Economics ... Read More »

Top 100 companies in Saudi Arabia

  Rank 1995 Company ASSETS ACTIVITIES LEGAL STATUS CHIEF EXECUTIVE TELEPHONE FAX 1 Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC) 41438 Industry Joint stock Ibrahim ibn Salamah 01-401-2033 401-2045 2 Dallah Al-baraka 36168 Diversified Limited liability Saleh Kamel 02-671-0000 669-4680 3 Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) 19837 Services Government Dr. Khaled Bin Bakr 02-686-0000 686-4552 4 Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Co. 5682 Industry ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia Jobs Salaries

Surgeon (Estimate) more than 1,407,000 SAR per Annual In Saudi Arabia Health and Medical Salary trend going to upward since last five Annuallys, so in this department statistics show highly earning it is approximately 1,208,000 to 1,300,000 annual salaries Legal Services Director, Legal more than 1,250,000 SAR + per annually Last year showed legal services provider salary being topped up ... Read More »