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Go to Home Country with Huroob Status Without going jail

Government of Saudi Arabia provides a facility to get exit without Jail for those expatriates who are facing Huroob status Any Saudi Expatriates with Huroob status can go to their home country without jail with follow the below steps Step 1 Visit to your home country embassy and here you register your application. Step 2 After the registering  of your  application ... Read More »

Get online Appointment in Jawazat office for apply family visa

  Get online Appointment in Jawazat office In case of failed to applying online for permanent family visa you should try to manually apply for it through Jawazat/Passport office. Before visiting to Jawazat office you must get online appointment. How to get Online Appointment ? Follow the below steps for getting online appointment. Step 1 Open the MOI official site ... Read More »


If you are really runaway from your Kafeel and he imposed Huroob on your Iqama and now you want to remove huroob  there are only way to remove huroob status on your Iqama. Request to your Kafeel and give him some money for compensation his expenses that he paid for your huroob and if he satisfied with you Your sponsor /Kafeel will ... Read More »

Remove Fake Huroob sets for your Iqama

Fake Huroob Sometimes it happens that your Company or Kafeel  impose Huroob status  your Iqama/Muqeem Card. Its means that you  escaped from your company or Kafeel/sponsor  Your Kafeel reports against you in Passport Authorities that now you are  not more his responsibility. But In reality you are still working with your Sponsor he made a fake huroob case against you ... Read More »

How to check huroob on iqama?

How to Check Online Huroob Status. How can you check if your  company or sponsor/kafeel has put  escape report/ huroob against your iqama number to passport authorities. Step 1 Open the following link or click here https://www.mol.gov.sa/services/inquiry/nonsaudiempinquiry.aspx   Step 2 Now enter your Iqama Number in Particular textbox for further detail see below photo.   Step 3 Now type captcha ... Read More »

What is Huroob? Punishment of Huroob?

What’s the meaning  of Huroob? Huroob is an Arabic term use for those worker who  Escape or Absent from Work for specified time In this situation Employer has report to jawazat/Passport authorities  against  employer to declare him as Huroob. Why someone run away or Escape from work? If someone  not satisfied with his profession or salary package or his company/kafeel  then run ... Read More »

What is Jawazat?

What is Jawazat? If you are newcomer then Jawazat is a new word for you Jawazat is a General Directorate of Passports GDP is the department. Jawazat is an agency of Ministry of Interior (MOI) What is the responsibility of Jawazat? Issuing of iqama for expatriates and Issuing passports for Saudis. All  points about immigration are  controlled by  General Directorate of Passports/Jawazat. ... Read More »

Check Jawazat fees

Check Iqama fee check visa fee SERVICES NAME FEE  (SAR) Permanent  Visa For Family 2000 Visa for Domestic worker 2300 Exit Visa 200 Exit and Reentry Visa 1000 Muqeem card or Iqama fee for Domestic 600 Renewal IQAMA/MUQEEM CARD Fee  for Domestic worker 350 Transfer or Tanazul fee 2000 Change of Profession  on Iqama 1000 Extension of family visit visa ... Read More »