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Jawazat is an Arabic Word

What is Jawazat?

What is Jawazat?

If you are newcomer then Jawazat is a new word for you Jawazat is a General Directorate of Passports GDP is the department. Jawazat is an agency of Ministry of Interior (MOI)

What is the responsibility of Jawazat?

Issuing of iqama for expatriates and Issuing passports for Saudis.

All  points about immigration are  controlled by  General Directorate of Passports/Jawazat.

Issuing Exit visa and Re Entry visa.



Addresses of Jawazat in major city of Saudi Arabia



Jawazat/Passport Office in Riyadh

King Fahad Branch Road
Al Murabba




Jawazat/Passport Office in Jeddah
Abdullah Balkhayr
Al Baghdediah Al Sharqiyah
Jeddah  22241
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




Jawazat/Passport Office in Dammam

Eastern Province Passports Office

Street Number 9
Dammam 32241
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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