ISTIQDAM/ How can I online apply for family visa?

Saudi Government Provide an online facility applying for permanent family visa from the official site of  Ministry of Interior .

How can I online apply for family visa?


If you want to online apply for family visa in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia you should follow some steps.

Step 1 

For applying permanent family visa you should make sure that your salary must be more than 4000 SAR


You must pay  2000 SAR  as permanent family fee visa to Ministry of Interior via online banking or from your ATM card if  you have now ATM card you can pay from your friends ATM card.


Open the official site of MOI  and from menu click on E-Service


Now click on ISTIQDAM


A window will be appear now you click on Family Visa Services. for further detail  click on image.


Step 6

After opening Family Visa Services now carefully reading all terms and conditions and click on  New Family Visa Application


At this point you may be following kind of error.

Your Application cannot be processed because Istiqdam e-service Business rules have not been covered 



            REASONS OF ERROR

1 Your Iqama validity date have less than 90 days

2 If  your profession is not ENGINEERS , Doctors, Professors, or Financial Analyst then you cannot  applied  Family Visa


In case of no error after clicking on Apply For Family Visa you will see a window of family visa services. . You will put detail  like Name,  details about Iqama, details of your Passport ,  your Religion, Celular Number, Profession and your company or kafeel/sponsor details. After writing all detail  you click on  “APPLY FOR FAMILY VISA”


Step 10

Now you  will add your  information of your  family members with their description  like, Full Name , Nationality, Passport Number, Age, Religion, Relationship, Port of Boarding  after putting this information you will  click on Agree term and condition button and now you click on SUBMIT FAMILY VISA button . Now your Online process  applying visa is complete.




What to do after submitting online application?

After submitting online application you should follow some steps

1 After a  successful submission, you should take a printout of the your application and get signed and stamped it from  your sponsor/employer and will  approved from  Chamber Of Commerce or your sponsor/employer can approved it  through Ministry Of Interior (MOI) Electronic portal as applicable.

2 You should finish all formalities of  your Application within 30 days from the date of submission.

3 If you success to approval from ISTIQDAM , You will receive a confirmation message on your mobile it is means it is approved from MOI.

4 After approving from MOI  your application will refer to   Minisstry Of Foreign Affair  MOFA may take a time of 4 or 5 days for approval of your application  after 5 days you should visit to  MOFA Official website or click this link

5 After opening  this site Choose English, language.

6 Select the Ministry Services a menu will be appear here you click on visa services for more detail check this pic



7 After opening visa services window you select visa issued from MoFA and writer your visa number , Iqama number  and image code and press enter or click on inquiri button  for further detail check the image.






8 Now you will see this window


9  Now you  print out this page  and forward  to home country for visa stamping.

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  1. My profession is laham am as per iqama can I get apply for family visa

  2. Asalam alikum

    I have just arrived in ksa 1month back in Dukan retail company however i have been recruited through manpower company …. my profession on iqama is common labour…
    As i want to bring my wife to stay with me i have to change my profession …in my case what is that i should do to call her here and what would be my first step

    Thanking you….

  3. Please update it according to new moi site. I am computer engineer and was able to apply for my family visa through old portal but this new portal is always giving Business rule error. i checked with 2,3 other engineers they all facing same issue.

    Is there anyone else doxtor or engineer facing same issue while applying for family visa online ?

  4. Sir,I have done MBA in Finance.I now looking to change my iqama profession.Please advise on which profession is good inorder to get permanent family visa.

  5. Sir,

    Can I change my Profession to Financial Analyst..I am a B.Com Degree holder


  6. is electronic technician is eligible for family permanent visa.
    thank you

  7. me arrived in saudi as labor profession then soon changed to sales representative if i apply for permanent family visa online it will be accepted or not

  8. my profession is financial analyst but still i received the same error when applying for family visa. please advice

    • Hi Fawad,

      I also have the financial analyst title. can you advise me how you sorted the issue you were facing while applying family visa online.


      • Thank for your Comments if you have any experience about Iqama Expiry Jawazat fees Jawazat Address Huroob or kindly post in comments

  9. my dad is working in ksa for 21yrs as cargo ship captian, is it possible to get permanent family visa for this profession.

  10. Dear Friends My Profession Is Sales Executive I Want To Know That It Is Compulsory To Visit Istaqdam Office Or Not And Please Dear Friends Tell Me The Procedure To Apply Permanent Family Visa Online According To New Moi Site Because Its Is Totally Different From Old Website For This I will Be Very Thankfull To You

  11. Anwarullah Amirullah

    Assalam Alaikum. My dear Sir, My profession is General Controller (Muraqib Aam) can I apply for permanent Family visa on line.

  12. Good day!
    Just to inquire, are they allowing expariates to get permanent family visa for mother/father in law?
    Me & my wife are both working and we need someone to take care of our 1 year old baby. I have brought her here for a couple of times under a visit visa to take care of our baby but since the maximum stay is upto 180 days only I have to send her back to our home country & bring her back again.
    If in case it’s allowed, is it of the same process? Many thanks!

  13. Dear Sir,

    My iqama Profession is General Mechanical Engineer, i want to bring my family so what are the documents required for applying on online..
    Marriage Certificates need to attestation..? please advise?????

  14. Hello Gentlemen,

    can anyone has a official list of professions which are eligible for family visa in saudi arabia ?

    my qualification is Degree in Law from india, what profession visa is suitable for the Law qualification ?

  15. Hello sir, I am also planning to apply for family visa for my wife but my profession in my iqama is Secretary. I am a Filipino Nationality. Please advise me on this. Thanks

  16. Brother
    is it my profession are eligible for online family permanent visa? my profession on Iqama Sales representative. I m wokring in Company( limited) in ksa.
    Is degree require attestation from Saudi embassy?
    my company in More thn Green ( in platinum).

    • Hi dear. Have you applied for family visa or any news that sales representative is eligible for family visa. I have the same profession

  17. Hi

    My iqama profession is General systems analyst and my degree is MBA Finance and Information Technology, So can I apply family visa?

  18. Do we need to go to Istiqdam office after getting the confirmation from COC and MOI?Please let me know?

  19. Hi All

    I generally dont post on these websites but in getting my Wife’s residency in KSA I found this site extremely helpful.

    There has been a revision/update to the procedure.

    If you Iqama category is of the categories as mentioned in the body of the email you should follow the below steps.

    Step 1 – Make SADAD payment of SAR 2,000 (remember to select the correct category)

    Step 2 – Visit the MOI website and under “apply for Family Visa” fill in all the relevant details.

    Step 3 – Follow the steps and then you will have to print out the form and have it signed by your employer and the Ministry of Commerce.

    Step 4 – Once this is done you will get an SMS with a reference number.

    Step 5 – Wait for 4-5 working days and as mentioned in the body of this page visit the MOFA site to check whether the visa has been approved.

    Step 6 – Forward the system generated print out to your spouse for you to carry out the remainder of the procedure in your home country.




    • Assalamualaikum Ahmed, Congratulations for the VIsa !!

      I made SADAD payment through Online banking as well as through ATM. But its been more than a week, its not reflecting in my Absher account. Kindly help me, how long will it take to reflect the amount or any alternatives how do i get and proceed for Family Visa. Appreciate your reply.


    • @Ahmed
      Brother is this online procedure is also for professors doing job in government university in saudia. Keeping in mind that we do not need to go to chamber of commerce.


  20. I recently was blessed with baby boy in Jeddaha> I tried to get an appointment for birth certificate through the system but i got a message that No appointment is available in your ares. Have tried several times but still got the same message. is there any other option?

  21. assalam alaikum

    I want family visa but when i apply for visa they give appointment what should i do and my profession is technical operation manager and i have degree certificates but i don’t have attestation,
    So please give advise what should i do





  23. My husband has Inventory controller profession .. can he apply for family permenent visa?

  24. I am a doctor and my wife is also a doctor (both are working).

    I want to get Permanent Family Visa for my younger sister, is it allowed to get this visa for sisters.

    Thanks for guidance…

  25. What are documents needed for permanent family visa.especially I want to know marriage certificate attested in India by Saudi embassy needed? kindly reply

  26. should i have to visit istiqdam office after i receive sms?

  27. I have MBA degree two years can i apply family visa.

  28. Hi, Is female can bring the husband as her dependent Family Visa? Because my husband is family driver but I want to convert him as my dependent.

  29. Assalamualikum,
    My iqama profession is Store Manager Could i apply for permanent family visa ?

  30. Sir my iqama profession is (General Accountant Technician ) and my salary is 3500 and also I have attested degree and documents can I get the permanent family visa. Thanks

  31. Good day! Im filipino female working in goverment hospital. I would like to ask regarding the note when i apply thru online. It said sorry female applicant are not allowed to apply thru online please visit istaqdam office. What should i do for that? I will apply manually ang get appoinment? By the way im ecg technician. I want to get my baby in philippines and apply permanent visa. And also if will pay for 2000? I would really appreciate for a response. Thanks

  32. sir,
    My Iqama profession is computer technician, its eligible for family visa. is i need to attest my degree certificate for bringing my family in saudi arabia.

  33. Assalamu Alaikkum

    Please, advice which is the suitable iqama professions (for expatriates) for a person who is having a Bachelors Degree in Arts and can bring his family on a permanent visa.

    Expecting your swift reply.

    Thanks and Regards,

  34. sir,
    My Iqama profession is Marketing specialist, its eligible for family visa. is i need to attest my degree certificate for bringing my family in saudi arabia. And Please Inform Me In which document need in istaqdam.

  35. hello,
    once you get istakdam, after that how much time do we have to get it stamped from pak and travel.
    i mean what is visa expiry time period once its issued ?

  36. My profession on iqama is maintenance electrician is this suitable for family visa please advise me


  38. Assalamalaikum wa Rahmatullah

    Please kindly keep in mind that anybody is trying for Isteqhdam Appointment booking for permanent family visa ,In my view it is better try to book an appointment on SUNDAY between Morning 7 to 8 am.Please do remember kindly keep on trying between morning 7 to 8 .They are opening the current week Iseqhdam appointment slots on SUNDAY early morning between 7 to 8am.

    In Shaa Allah you may get the appointment for applying Perminent Family VIsa.
    For getting permanent family visa you need to have Saudi Attestation on your final degree and suitable profession on your Iqama to bring your family in KSA.

    CheckList For Iseqhdam in my Knowledge: If anything missed ,sorry in advance

    1)Iseqhdam Filled form with COC stamp
    2)Salary certificate from Company with COC stamp ( In Riyadh COC is in Exit 10 Convention Hall Fist floor)
    3)Original Degree Certificate Must be attested by Saudi Embassy (For this Attestation you need to request by sending Contract Letter from your company with COC and MOFA stamp to your country agency with necessary documents what the agency would demand.)
    4)Original Marriage Certificate Must be with Suadi Attestation(For this you need to add your Spouse Passport copy for sending for attestation in your country agency)
    5)Degree Certificate Arabic Translation
    6)Marriage Certificate Arabic Translation
    7)Original Passport (and take one COLOUR/Normal photo copy of Passport including the Visa Stamp page with company stamp on it)
    8)Original Iqama (and take one COLOUR/Normal photo copy of Iqama with Company Stamp on it)
    9)Your Residence in KSA Contract document photo copy (Optional)
    10)Spouse Passport Photo Copy
    11)If Children’s Passport Photo copy
    12)Children’s Birth Certificate Photo Copy with Arabic Translation

  39. Please I need to know that in case of the manual Istiqdam if the Iqama validity is less than 90 days than will it be any problem because our co. is not renewing the iqama for less than 90 days they renew for less than 60 days.

    I have all the other formalities like the Arabic Istiqdam form signed stamped from the co. & the co. letter attested to the Istiqdam

  40. Dear all,
    I need some advice on appointment in istiqdam. My profession is computer programmer and my qualifications is BSc information. System management, I tried online for getting family permanent visa but. It showed error and advised me to make appointment and visit istiqdam. I am trying to book appointment online but it always shows “NO APPOINTMENT AVAILABLE”.
    Is their any other way to get the appointment?
    I tried going directly to istiqdam office Riyadh without the appointment but they didn’t accept.

    Dear brothers please advise me In this issue.

  41. i got this response at step 2
    “Your sponsor is not added for family visa application. Please visit Istiqdam for more info.”
    I am a Surgeon, working with MOH
    Can anyone please help me, what does this mean?

  42. Hi Assalamualaikum,

    Im basically a Mechanical Engineer, working as a project engineer. But my kafeel put the profession in my iqama as “Heavy Equipment Assistant Mech”. Is it possible for me to get permanent visa for my visa in this profession? Please help

  43. Hi everyone, I need your urgent for getting permanent visa.

    I went to Istikdam with all the required documents for applying family visa. My iqama profession is Marketing specialist.

    But the application got rejected, because my first time entry visa was of Driver.

    Please if someone has found a solution to this, kindly advise.

  44. im a female orthodontist working in jeddah. When i tried to apply for permanent family visa for my husband i got an error saying that females cannot apply for this service via electronic portal

  45. dear all,
    my professional is inventory controller .so i can apply family visa online bu istikdam service ? but my study is intermediate dis continue,can apply direct family visa ? i able to bring my family,please all

  46. My Profession on Iqam is “Exchange Operator” (Mashgal Badala).Am I able to bring family on Permenat Family Visa? I tried to apply online family visa but shows to visit Istiqdam.

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