After  landing in Saudi Arabia on work visa or employment visa   Your residence permit count down will start because your work visa have  only 90 days validity.

 To getting  residence permit (Iqama or Muqeem card) is the responsibility of your employer

There will be a penalty for your Employer , If he did not get your Iqama within 90 days of your arrival.

In case of  Azad visa (Free visa) you have to pay for Iqama as per your deal with your Kafeel


1. Your Employer  will say  you to go for medical check up in the specific approved  Hospital  by giving you a copy of your passport
2. After  finished medical test, Your report will be send  to you within two days. and your medical report will also be sent directly to Ministry Of Interior (MOI).
3. After that Your HR related  person  will ask you for two photographs and your Passport.
Documents required for Applying Iqama or Muqeem Card first time
You should have following items for applying Iqama or muqeem card
– Medical report
– Residence permit (Iqama) Form and company related documents.
– Iqama fee for one year SR 500/-
– If your company has lessthan 50% of Saudi’s there will be a fee of SR 2400 for labor office. If you are on Azad visa your kafeel will ask you to pay.
Once you receive your Iqama or Muqeem card check your name  religion and nationality

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