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How Can I Check Status of my iqama in Nitaqat


  Check your Iqama Status This article will help you to check your iqama Nitaqat status, After reading this article you will be able to check you Iqama status. What is Nitaqat? Nitaqat is an arabic term that is use for range  or zone, in case to check of your iqama status this Nitaqat term is use for checking the ... Read More »

What is Nitaqat? Detail about colors

Nitaqat is  Law for Saudization.The basic aim of this law is to give employment to Saudi nationals instead of any foreign expatriates. This law classified the Companies into four categories  1 Platinum, 2 Green, 3 Yellow and 4 Red.   Meaning of colors Platinum or Green     These two color indicate  that company has high saudization rate. Benefits  Following the benefits of ... Read More »

Check Iqama Nitqat Status

Check company status | iqama status | nitqat You can check your company or Kafeel status via official site of Ministry of Labor. For knowing your company or kafeel  Nitaqat categories color Please follow the below steps Step 1 Open the following link. Step 2 Type your Iqama Number in  2nd textbox for further detail check below photo. Step3 Write captcha number ... Read More »