Iqama (Muqeem)

Iqama (Muqeem)

Check Iqama Status Color Huroob

Check Iqama Status Color Huroob Now you can check the iqama  Iqama status complete detail on this page . A detail procedure about iqama like iqama fees iqama transfer huroob  and what is the punishment of huroob and how to remove huroob I also explain here what is the fake huroob and how can we take action against fake huroob ... Read More »

Check Saudi Iqama Renewal Fees 1437 | 2017

What is Saudi Iqama Renewal Fees 1437? Ministry of Interior  recommend the Jawazat office to revise the iqama  renewal fees and other jawazat fee Following table contains the detail of Iqama Renewal fees for 1437 Iqama Title Fees in (Saudi Rial) New Iqama fees for Newcomer 600 Iqama Renewal Fees 350     Read More »

How to check iqama fund

Check Iqama fund Detail Before checking your iqama fund detail you must to know what is iqama fund. What is Iqama Fund? Iqama fund is fund that is submit by you or you sponsor/Kafeel/Company for the purpose to make payment of  your jawazat fees for purpose of Permanent  Visa For Family Visa for Domestic worker Exit Visa Exit and Reentry Visa ... Read More »

Iqama Issue for New Expats

Iqama Issue for New Expats Iqama issue is common issue for new expats who come here in Saudi Arabia for earning purpose through any kind of company or just for any individual or Kafeel ( In Arabic language Kafeel mean Sponsor) . Sometimes New comer expats facing problem of issuing Iqama, Usually 3 months required for issuing new iqama for ... Read More »

How Can I Check Status of my iqama in Nitaqat


  Check your Iqama Status This article will help you to check your iqama Nitaqat status, After reading this article you will be able to check you Iqama status. What is Nitaqat? Nitaqat is an arabic term that is use for range  or zone, in case to check of your iqama status this Nitaqat term is use for checking the ... Read More »

Birth Certificate Appointment in Saudi Arabia

Ahwal Madani Appointment Birth Certificate Appointment in Saudi Arabia Special Thanks to Mohsin Shaukat  who Share his experience  This article will help you to know what happend when you get appointment ahwal Madani Hope this information about birth certificate  that  I am going to share will help you. I would like to share my experience here with regard to the ... Read More »

Naqal Kafala Check

Naqal Kafala Are you  working in Saudi Arabia? yes , then you know that it is the best place for doing job here because of the high wages rate. But here is kafala system if you want to know what is kafala system check the kafala system here. What is Naqal Kafala Naqal Kafala is an Arabic term that’s mean ... Read More »

Book an Appointment Ahwal Al Madani for Birth Certificate

How Can I Book an appointment for Birth Certificates In order to book an online appointment for al ahwal al madani for Birth Certificate follow the below steps Step 1 open the MOI official site or click here Step 2  After opening the MOI official site click on Electronic Inquires . Now Put your Iqama Number in certain textbox select calnder types ... Read More »

Iqama/Muqeem Card Procedure For Newborn Baby

There are two kind of procedure to applying new baby born Iqama/Muqeem Card 1 Baby Born in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2 Baby Born In Home Country 1 Baby Born in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia In case of Baby born in Saudi Arabia it may be very expensive if you have not family insurance and after birth your baby in ... Read More »

What is Nitaqat? Detail about colors

Nitaqat is  Law for Saudization.The basic aim of this law is to give employment to Saudi nationals instead of any foreign expatriates. This law classified the Companies into four categories  1 Platinum, 2 Green, 3 Yellow and 4 Red.   Meaning of colors Platinum or Green     These two color indicate  that company has high saudization rate. Benefits  Following the benefits of ... Read More »