Iqama Issue for New Expats

Iqama Issue for New Expats

Iqama issue is common issue for new expats who come here in Saudi Arabia for earning purpose through any kind of company or just for any individual or Kafeel ( In Arabic language Kafeel mean Sponsor) .

Sometimes New comer expats facing problem of issuing Iqama, Usually 3 months required for issuing new iqama for expat,

But if you not get iqama after 3 month then what to do?

Why my Iqama is late?

Following reason maybe occur for late of your iqama

1 Missing of some documents

If you want to know what documents required for new Iqama?


2 Late by MOI


3 Your Kafeel still not apply for your Iqama

Third reason is violation of saudi law by kafeel.

How can I know My Iqama is in Process or not?

moi iqama check

moi iqama check

Now moi introduce latest service for checking your iqama is in process or not in case your iqama still not in process after three months you must to worried and complaints against your Kafeel.

Here is simple step by step  procedure to know your iqama status

Step 1

open the Ministry of Interior official website or just copy the following blue url address and in your browser address bar.

check iqama

check iqama for new expat

Step 2

Take your mouse cursor to Electronic Inquiries 

and  click on Passport


Step 3

Click or tap on Query New Arrived Labors and Visitors

check iqama

check iqama


Step 4

Now new window will be appear you  put the Sponsor Information like

Sponsor ID Number *:
Year of Birth of Sponsor in Hijri/Gregorian*:

and write the image code in certain bux

Enter Image Code *:2095


and click on view button

check iqama

check iqama

Once you click on View button you can see why your iqama is late






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