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Huroob Punishment Detail

What is Huroob Punishment

Huroob is an Arabic term use for those worker who  Escape or Absent from Work for specified time In this situation Employer has report to jawazat/Passport authorities  against  employer to declare him as Huroob. Saudi government impose very tight law for hurood and make Huroob Punishment

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Why someone run away or Escape from work?

If someone  not satisfied with his profession or salary package or his company/kafeel  then run away or escape from his work.

What is the Punishment of Huroob Status Person

In case  someone becomes Huroob, then his Iqama/Muqeem Card in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be cancelled and his stay in t will be illegal in Saudi Arabia. In this situation, his all benefits  will be canceled and exit from the country only through Deportation/Tarheels centers. And 5 years ban for Saudi Arabia Visa.


Remove your Huroob and know what is the Jawazat fees of removing huroob

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