How to register in Qitaf


Qitaf STC

Qitaf is a program to show thanks for your reliability as an STC user. You can subscribe to Qitaf  for & free and start collect points by simply paying your bills

For SR 10 Recharge you can get  1 Qitaf point

How to Subcribe Qitaf

Qitaf is automatically subscribed to Customer Sim Card after recharging  .

How to check the Qitaf point?

To entrance Qitaf account and how to check the balance, send by sms the below codes to 900.



                                                        (Mobile number) (number of points) to convert your points to those who love


                                                                                        List of e-Vouchers from Qitaf


                                                                                       To know more about Qitaf Points


                                                                                        To register in Qitaf Program

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