How to check huroob on iqama?

How to Check Online Huroob Status.

How can you check if your  company or sponsor/kafeel has put  escape report/ huroob against your iqama number to passport authorities.

Step 1

Open the following link or click here


Step 2

Now enter your Iqama Number in Particular textbox for further detail see below photo.2niqtat (2)


Step 3

Now type captcha number in certain textbox of it . For More Detail check above  photo.


Step 4

In last Press OK and if you see following  message then there  is Huroob against your Iqama. otherwise it is normal.

check huroob online

check huroob online




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  1. Respected Brother, i was working in riyadh KSA as a branch accountant, can you please tell me about my iqama status, i am back to Pakistan since 3 year. My iqama number is given below, your quick reply would be highly appreciated Thank you

    (2276043995) Iqama Number

  2. Shobus

  3. plz check my haroob 2345511816 this is my iqama num

  4. pls help me if my kafeel has taken my iqama then what i have to do

    • Contact with your Embassy and told them that your kafeel take your Iqama. Your Embassy will take a legal action against your Kafeel

  5. sir, assalamu alaikum I came from Saudi 1432/8/29 tarhil makkah my kafeel huroob me10 years ago now I have the question can I go to Saudi again or not my iqama number is-2210594491.

  6. plz help me to follow my iqama in cadre iconomic cities….because its already xpired i dont know if they are processing or foegot to process…thank you

  7. Hi Sir, I just want to ask what should I do I, applied to one establishment as an HVAC Technician I passed the interview and immediately they asked for my iqama to process the transfer after that they told me that they will test me for one week I say its illegal to work if my iqama is not yet transferred they say no problem we will be responsible untill the one week test reaches to one month then I ask them again about my tranfer they say no problem we taking care of it they paid my salary for that month of june because I was doing a good job many clients comes the income was great on july 16 I asked them again about my transfer they say just work we will pay you I told them Im sorry if you cannot transfer me I cannot continue working with you I will find somebody who can and please I need my salary for 16days they say no I will not recieve anything and they put me on huroob

  8. Can you please check my Iqama no. 2318757354 Huroob or Not? Thanks

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