How to change iqama profession?

Procedure to Change Iqama Profession

Sometimes your profession written on iqama is different with your real profession. According to Saudi Arabia law it is illegal if Jawazat individuals can assault if they will caught to doing work different so you must be change your profession on iqama

Government of Saudi Arabia provide online services to all expatriates. If you want to take benefit from online services please go visit the site of Ministry of Interior


iqama profession

change iqama profession

Change profession on iqama

Change profession


Take following step to change profession on iqama in Saudi Arabia


 you should attest your higher degree from Saudi embassy from your country.   

 Your degree must be relate with your profession that you want on iqama.

 Fee of 1000 SAR must be deposited for changing of profession.


Sometimes Saudi government reject to change your iqama profession because of following reason 

Why rejected the application  for change profession of iqama

  • You don’t pay fee changing of iq                    ma.
  • The MOI authority   reject your request.
  • Your iqama is expired.
  • You have a home individual visa like housemaid or driver.
  • The representative status is run away from the employer.
  • You violate any Saudi law.
  • You’re applying profession is not match with your degree.



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  1. Hi salam I apply in company in Riyadh but my work is housemaid but my stable work is a massage therapy how they change this in new profession

    • Hi myra i himself change my profession although my profession is labour but i change it massage theraphy because i have more experience in it .my email is tufail.ahmad76@ hot

  2. So how can housemaids and saik e khass can chage their professions if they are not satisfied with their job.

  3. Mark Anthony D. Concha

    Salam, is it posible that my agency here in saudi to change my profession to sales/marketing? My current profession in iqama is restaurant manager. Specifically, my agency here is mawarid recruitment. They are the one supplying man power to many project/business. I was terminated to my previous work in restaurant and requested to them to transfer to other work/project. As waiting i also look for available job. Luckily, i found one and i was hired and it is one of the project of my agency. Now, they are asking me to tell to mawarid to change my profession so i can start to them immediately. So is my agency has a capability to change my profession? Iam leaving this comment so that i have a refference whats so ever my agency will tell. Thank you.

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