How can I know name of my Kafeel

How can I know name of my Kafeel

As per ministry of labor online laws you have right to check your kafeel name as employee you must to know about your kafeel of company name it is important for naqal kafala this article will help you to check your kafeel name through Ministry of labor’s official website.

Procedure to check your Kafeel Name

1 Open the following link  Ministry of  labor  official site.

2   Now you click the drop down menu a list will be appear select the last item from list. For more detail see photo





3  After click last button from drop down list  you click the radio button & write  your iqama  and captcha number in certain boxes . check photo for further detail.



4 After entering iqama number now press enter. you will see your kafeel/sponsor name your company name and in case of tanazul you can also see date of transfer or tanazul. For more detail see photo.



how to check sponsor name by iqama number

saudi kafeel details

kafeel mobile number

iqama check red or green
iqama name check

check kafeel iqama nitaqat status

kafeel information

saudi iqama status with kafeel name
If you want to check detail about jawazat fees click here



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  1. Kafeel red or green please check sir.
    kafeel iqama number 1300961817

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