Check 2017 Hajj Tasreeh Permit Online

How to check Hajj Tasreeh Permit online 2017? Tasreeh is an Arabic word which mean permit Government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issue hajj tasreeh. This article will help you that how to check Hajj Tasreeh Permit online 2017. The expat who are Muslims want to perform Holy Hajj obligation they must apply for hajj tasreeh 2017 as per Saudi ... Read More »

Eid Al Adha 2016 Vocations, / Hollidays

ZUL-HIJJAH is the last month of the Islamic calendar. This is month consider is the holy month for Muslims. Muslim celebrate their Eid al adha at 10th day of this month. Kingdom of Saudi have Islamic Government and at the Eid al adha festival government announce the vocations.   11 September 12 September 13 September 14 September Read More »

Cost of Hajj 2016 Hajj tasreeh Cost

Cost of Hajj 2016 Hajj tasreeh Cost This article will give you complete information about complete Hajj package You can you take benefit low cast hajj through these packages these hajj package taken from officially website of the Hajj ministry Cost of the that provide the local Hajj Companies between 3000 to 11,890  but here we just show the low cost ... Read More »

Hajj permit for Saudi residents 2017

Hajj Tasreeh 2017

Hajj permit for Saudi residents 2017 This article helpful for those who intend to perform Hajj. If you are living in Saudi Arabia and want to perform Hajj this year Saudi government provide facility to apply for hajj permit online via Hajj officially site of Saudi government. How to apply for Hajj TASTREEH 2017 Step 1, Visit the official site ... Read More »

Hajj 2016 Packages

Hajj is an Important  one of the five pillar of Islam.  Saudi Government hosted the Hajj in  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hajj is  the greatest Muslim pilgrimage to Makkah ,  in the last month of Islamic Calendar. All Muslims  perform Hajj at least one time  during all life time  if  they afford economically  as well as physically. Hajj Packages following table ... Read More »