Go to Home Country with Huroob Status Without going jail

Go to Home Country  with Huroob Status Without going jail

Government of Saudi Arabia provides a facility to get exit without Jail for those expatriates who are facing Huroob status Any Saudi Expatriates with Huroob status can go to their home country without jail with follow the below steps

Step 1

Visit to your home country embassy and here you register your application.

Step 2

After the registering  of your  application in Embassy, the next step will be clarification. Your Embassy will check your criminal record if you are involve any criminal activities then yo cannot go to home country but once  you get clarification  you can go home country.

Step 3

Mostly huroob status expats have no passport and if you have n0 passport then you must to apply for urgent passport this kind of passport only use for one time exit.

Step 4

After getting your emergency passport you will sent to Deportation center for last clarification here they take your fingerprint and here you get your document for exit from Saudi Arabia to your home country with huroob status without going to jail



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  1. Iam in Jeddah right now ,trapped because of my neighbour. I have been here for just 2 months.I don’t have any iqama ,my passport is with me so I want to leave from here to my country.is the above news is correct and can I go back .Iam eagerly waiting for an experts replay, thanks

    • First insured that you have enough money for your ticket and then go to you Embassy. They will check your status from moi if you cleared you will be departed with in 24 hours


      Please help…..I am Dyson Kurian Thomas …I am from Kerala.,. I am in trouble…. I was working in best rent a car. Buraidah Al Qassim from last 9 month’s.but they given me kafala under Al Bilad company which have contract with them .now they cannot renew the Ikama they are telling some police case in this Ikama .but I did not do anything wrong .I don’t knw wat is the police case.one day when I was working in the best rent a car the labour office came and checked my Ikama they asked me why Ikama under Al Bilad company when you are working in best rent a car. I went to police station and they told me I should be prisoned and afterwards they will sent me exit .I am in buraidha with my wife and two small kids.my wife is working in ministry hospital Mch
      my company they are not helping me ..
      Presently I can’t go Exit..

  2. Asalamualikum.

    I just want to ask saudi authority that in saudia Arabia still have half Million expats whom sets haroob. So why you don’t again give sometime can they correct there status. Im also effected by haroob… but I dont wanna go back my country… becoz I payed a huge bundle of money. So how I can return back. So plz give us a sometime for that. We can pay fine for that.


  3. I came to Saudi Arabia in October 2015 .my Iqama is processed abut there is some problem in my family how do i get exit from Saudi Arabia immediately .Can i surrender to Indian embassy . I am ready to go through deportation center without facing jail . I will pay for my ticket . I have no criminal case also

    Please reply me urgent

  4. Dear sir I wanna ask that my father is here in dammam since 18months without passport and iqama even he didn’t get his first iqama because we dnt knw where is the sponsor. So now my father wants to go home. Plzzzz let me know how I can send him to pakistan as soon as possible. Waiting for your quick and kind reply.

  5. My company is not giving me final exit. As my aqamq finished due to one problem with police. Now. Police case finished. But aqama also finished. I am waiting for final exit for last four months but no progress. I have no salary for last four months. I want to go to my country. But company don’t help me. My aqama and passport is with company. I have also 7250 SR in my account in bank Saudi alfranci they told me to renew aqama then we will give you money. But company is not responding to my complaints. I have no money nor medical facility as company took back my all documents as I applied for final exit on 24 august 2015 since that I m without salary and treatment. I want to go back to my country in respectfully manner and how I can get money from bank. What action against company for not providing me exit facilities. Waiting for ur urgent response. Thanks

  6. Hello sir. My name is afroz khan. I came on house driver. My kafeel is not good. Then i have to go india. My passport is at kafeel. If i runaway from kafeel, this is possible to put false case on me? I came on nov 27 2015. What can i do sir? Please reply. Thanks.

  7. Hello sir.
    I am manish verma from india i am already escape from my company but they still not make me huroob
    I want to go back india without any problem so its possible
    If i will try to ask to my company they are offering to pay huge amount and now i am in already in saudi arabia with in 16 months
    Pls reply me sir…

  8. Hello sir, my status is hurub from last 2 years i gave my passport and iqama in a company for transfer there was 3 months time on iqama but they didn’t take transfer on time so my kafeel put me huroob without informing me when I talk with Hr of the company they talk With the sponsor he ask for 15000 riyal which they deny to pay and promise to convence my sponsor or find another way and take my transfer but after a year they removed from the job bcoz of checking they have to pay fine so they can not take the risk finally i put a case in labour court against the company I also talk with the sponsor but he was not in the city i went to embassy many times for help as iam with my family but since 1 year nothing happened in labour court now after two years my sponsor came i met him and pay the money to remove huroob but after taking money he didn’t and also not answering my calls so please can you suggest me what to do

  9. Hello sir….is there any chances to get exit immediately i have my passport with me…and i have also applied in labour court for exit but i dont know how long time it will take…

  10. I am mohammed I came to jeddah on 17/10/2015 on house driver visa after 13 days I ask my kafeel for transfer because I am able to driving the car so kafeel tolad me take tramsfer pay my visa fee I pay 6270 sr and I take my passport iqama and transger paper on 20/01/2016 and told me ill give on month time for transfer soi said but my new didy take my transfer then my old kafeel put me huroob now I want to go home so what is the process for my exi without jail iwill take my ticket

  11. So.help.my out on this I don’t anything right now and I dont want to go jail please advice me what is the best option right now

  12. Sir it has been a month that i came here in saudi arabia. 2 Years contract with company… i have some family issue. I want to go back to pakistan. My company is not giving me any exit. I do not have ikama. I have my passport. I want to go back immidiatly… please help…

  13. Hello sir i came in riyadh last year i ws unabl to find my kafeel then i came to know my sponsor gav me huroob i came back to my country thru legal ways now i wanted to come back can i come back now?

  14. Asslam alaikum
    Sir , mera house driver ka visa h but mere kfeel se ittefaq huwa ta baher work krne ka or mai 2saal se. Baher hi kam kr rha hu but abi mere kafeel ne ye keh kr huroob krdiya k tumari wjh se mera hukumat se wzifa nhi mil rha h muje mouka bi nhi diya tanazul krne ka ab mai kya kru

  15. Assalamoalaikum sir
    I have iqama and passport with me but I want go to.my country I have some problem can I go sir please tell me procedure for going home.my country reply me

  16. A.A to beloved kingdom of saudi arabia..i am from dammam now in mecca…i reached here in 12 november 2015…my problem is.!! After getting me my iquma my kafeel not give me car or work i waited 2 months…my work is house driver…when he not give me work i decided to work on my own self…my sister’s husband and kafeel are best friend but one day my brother in law says me to go nd do your work same word my kafeel says me…then i reached mecca here my friends work i tell them my situation they handle me and i work with them….after a month my bro in law ask kafeel to huroob him…now he huroobs me..they did not give me my passport but i have photo copies of all my documents….now i want to reached back to my country….what should i have to do sir…

  17. Sir my name ram… i came saudi for driver last nov1 2015 my kafeel is nt good nd.. for 1 month realy i slpet in trailer lorry . I told him honestly i want go back to india .. he beated me take over of my moblie nd passport everything .. i runaway from my kafeel nov 28 20015. My famliy is getting afarid i dont want be here as ilegal .. now being with my friends .. tell me wat i do plz it can help .. ur my hope nobody here to help me i like on orphan reply… i dindt have iqama..nt apply for it.. mentally im depressed lot .

  18. I am in saudi i have pasport with me i want to go back india how i can go

    • Kindly contact with your embassy and they will help you so much
      call this number 011 488 4144

      Timing of Indian : Open today · 9AM–5:30PM

  19. Hy there I came here as a house driver After a bit time my Kafeel said to me I have no need more so you can work outside 2 years and get mint but now he gives me Haroob my iqama also valid and my passport also with me how can I go back my home country . Plz sir reply me as soon as possible

  20. Slam
    Iam kashif from riyadh u know now sudi government give time to people who have any harrob.but mayb its time start on 29march but my haroob is 29.may i already goto jawazt buy he saw u cant go because your haroob is not before ,29march but kindally u tell me what i do for this …can my ammbasey help me about this?

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