Donald trump on immigration

Donald trump on immigration

Went (Tuesday) 200 million US voters, are eligible to vote, the polling stations to choose the next president of the United States of America. The big Election Day after a fierce election campaign for several months, led by the two candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and raised a sharp division in the country. Recent opinion polls indicate contraction difference between them is what makes the outcome difficult to predict. Hours before the start of voting to elect a new president, operations, latest polls showed yesterday that the intense competition between the candidates, with the progress of Hillary Clinton narrowly. In a poll published on «Real Claire Politks»,
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Clinton made over Republican rival Donald Trump by 3.2%.

Immigration  rules changed by Donald

It came as a result of the latest poll published by the network «CBS» news in favor of Clinton also their advancement by four percentage points to get the support of 45% compared to 41% for Trump. And predicted many of the American media, Clinton win the votes of senior voters, as network «NBC» predicted Clinton for 274 of the votes of senior voters, compared with 170 votes for Trump, she said that the polls in the US, which owns 94 of the votes of senior remaining voters appear as a result of convergent among the candidates. But that would be enough to get Clinton on the votes necessary to win a majority, amounting to 270 votes. While Koenbaak University poll showed that the gap narrows between the two candidates in the states of Florida and North Carolina in Almtorjehtin. As Clinton leading by 46 percent in Florida, compared with 45% for Trump, and 47% in North Carolina, compared with 45% for Trump.

Trump Immigration for Saudi expatriates

Experts stressed that the posts of American descendants of the Hispanic vote, a pro-democracy slice, saw a remarkable rise twice, and compared to vote in Florida at this stage of the last election. Which is a good indication of the Clinton campaign, I talked with local media in Nevada for long lines in Latin neighborhoods in Las Vegas.

Newspaper «New York Times» considers that if there is a potential for Trump win it will be on the shoulders of white Americans who have not completed basic education. The number of these eggs has exceeded the threshold of 50 million people from voting bloc amounting to 200 million people entitled to vote. donald Trump enjoys support by up to 57% among this segment, while Clinton does not exceed 29%

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Donald trump daughter


Donald Trump daughter

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