Donald Trump Immigrant First Lady of America

Donald Trump has become a master of the White House

After that Donald Trump has become a master of the White House in his capacity as President of the United States 45, his wife Melania will be the First Lady of America. Melania and presented to America as an immigrant from Slovenia in 1996, and worked as a model, and despite a recent US media that it had entered illegally, but she denied this through her tweet on «Twitter» uncertain entering the United States legally.

She stressed that Melania Trump campaign entered the United States on August 27 1996 on a visit visa, and then got a work permit after two months of their entry. Ironically, Trump is one of the greatest opponents of immigration policies, and allocated
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A large part of the election campaigns in talking about cracking down on illegal immigrants, including his pledge to deport people who have violated the terms of immigration legally.

The documents revealed that Melania got the funds estimated at 20 thousand dollars for 10 jobs before you get legal permission to work in the United States, according to the agency «Associated Press» said finally.

IAEA report said Melania moved 10 jobs during the seven weeks prior to obtaining a work permit, according to the contracts and statements of accounts that unfolded and finally back to 20 years ago. And it got Melania Trump on «CARD Green» in March 2001, and became an American citizen in 2006 and was keen Melania avoid appearing frequently in the media during the presidential her husband’s campaign, but some of the accusations made against him may have paid for intervention, and appearing in some of the media to defend her husband , where he explained that Trump sometimes speaks like a boy, pointing out that many men sometimes some speaking their own words in their conversations.

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