Cost of Hajj 2016 Hajj tasreeh Cost

Cost of Hajj 2016 Hajj tasreeh Cost

This article will give you complete information about complete Hajj package
You can you take benefit low cast hajj through these packages these hajj package taken from officially website of the Hajj ministry
Cost of the that provide the local Hajj Companies between 3000 to 11,890  but here we just show the low cost hajj packages

Name Hajj Package 2016Cost of Hajj Package 2016
D-23,000 SAR
D-13,500 SAR
C3,900 SAR
B4,150 SAR
A24,400 SAR
A14,800 SAR
A5,000 SAR


Check the Procedure to apply for hajj 2016


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  1. Dear Sir

    please inform me about hajj permit, that for how many days tasreeh will be valid and they will provide these facilities during hajj,? according to hijjri or Georgian dates please


  2. Dear Sir,

    i am trying for low fare hajj permit but its shows zero available operators, while i tried it on normal fare its show 28 available operators . please sir told me
    why its not show low permit available operators???
    why its showing only normal fare permit???
    or low fare permit was just for advertisement???

  3. The online bookings for local residents of saudi arabia began on 4th of August at 8am and had limited number of seats in each category which was 90% booked on first day itself. Hence you see zero available operators under normal fare. If there is any cancellation under normal fare you may find one but if you re lucky. Good Luc!

  4. above comment normal fare is where i meant low fare

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