Come Back To Saudi Arabia On Expire Re-entry Visa

Many expatriates always ask such kind of question if anyone can return to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on new visa if they leave Kingdom on exit re-entry visa? Following article contain  answer for such kind of question

If you want to know can you still come back to Saudi Arabia, even your Exit Re-entry visa is expired for this you face following two kind of situations.


  •    On Expired Visa
  •    On New Visa

  Come back to Saudi Arabia on Expired Visa :u

expired re-entry visa

expired re-entry visa

Technically you cannot come back to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But there is still a little chance to return in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and if you are interested to come back to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia then you should contact to your Kafeel/company and if your Kafeel/company wants you to come back then you can come back to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But first should make sure that your Iqama must be valid. In case of expired iqama your Kafeel/Company cannot return you come back in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But if your iqama is still valid then Your Kafeel/ Company can bring you back within seven/7 months of your expired Exit/Re-entry visa. Your Kafeel or Company’s HR department authority visit to Jawazat/Passport office and submit your document, fill a related application after this procedure Jawazat/Passport department give a yellow slip after this your Kafeel or Company will write a request letter to Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for getting permission to come back in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after overstayed vocations. This Application letter should be attested from Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Your Kafeel/Company will send to you  all related documents  and you will submit these all documents that you received from your kafeel/Company Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . Once Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia approved  your visa, you will comeback in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within 7 days


Come Back to Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia On New Visa.



According to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia law 3 years ban for violating  re-entry visa.

If you leave Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on re-entry visas and cannot return before their date of  expiry then you will be banned from re-entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 3 years,
















































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  1. What if your banned finished before the law implemented. Banned from saudi last August 2013 and that time the law is only 2 years banned about exit re entry visa so if i want to go back to saudi there is no problem if im finished with 2 years banned not 3 years .. because my banned finished before new law implemented.

  2. I had first gone to saudi in june 2013, and came back on final exit on sept 2015, i returned on new visa in dec 2015. Unfortunately the new company terminated my contract with 3 months and i returned to india in feb 2016.
    As i now try to get a new visa stamped, the saudi consulate in saudi has rejected my application stating that i came back within six months of going on new visa. What are my options now, how can i get my visa stamped

  3. A company in Saudi Arabia offered me a permanent visa which is expired. My question is If a new visa which is not yet used is expired, whether the company can use it for a new employee… ?

    Is expired new visa can be used for me.

  4. Some one left for final exit could he return by newvisa

  5. IF ONE LEAVES SAUDI ARABIA ON FINAL EXIT he can come on new visa, up till now there are no restrictions on going back from saudi arabia on final exit and coming again on new visa.

    If some one leaves saudi arabia on exit reentry visa, and does not return, he will be banned for three years for any work visa

  6. Is restriction / 3 years ban still valid for personnel Coming back to Same Sponsor

  7. Hello Dears.
    Requesting your correct answers for the same.

    My Family is India gone for Exit re entry validity of 06 months. In the 11th Dec 2016, Finally single exit re-entry visa is going to expire. Although my Family IQAMA is going to Expire by 25th August 2017.
    Due to some family circumstances my family will not come for another 06 months.

    1. What is the procedure to extension of Single re-entry visa??
    2. When i will initiate the process of extension??
    3. How many months more my family can stay as per rule in India after expiration of VISA.
    4. On same VISA my family can come or not?

    • for Extension of family visa process is you should try online process from MOFA instead of manual process becoz i did manual process but they reject from Mumbai by remarking that my family is over stay . But i don’t understand the logic behind that , online i saw the duration is 7 months after expiry of you exit re entry , and these 7 months will count after date of expiry of exit re entry. Any how i am facing same problem.

    • Hi Kamal Firoz,
      Any luck, Did u tried to bring your family back?
      Now i am trying to bring them back using this online option. My office is supporting for that…
      I will update u once i got some papers.
      If you have any more information please share…thanks.

  8. Dear sir
    I wish to know that this year August 2016 I came on an 15 days exit reentry visa from Saudi to India. Now I have got a job opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia. My wife also in saudi arabia My question is I can go back in Saudi for new visa? Old iqama also finish. I can go back Saudi in new visa or is there any ban or fine?

    • Sorry to say that you may ban for violating re-entry visa you must contact to you kafeel or company and inform them to your situation.
      Jawazat department clarified 3 years ban to violating re-entry visa

  9. I was leave in saudi arabia last october 2015 with re entry visa now i want to come back in saudi with new employer or new job. What should I do. Pls give an feedback
    Thankyou in advance

  10. Hi. I just want to ask, last december 2016 we went back to our home country because our contract ended but our company provided us only exit/ re entry visa (we were fooled by our company, we were given exit re entry instead of exit visa). we have experience certificate indicating that we finish our contract. are we still eligible to enter the kingdom under a different employer? thanks.

  11. Hi, our contract finished last December 2016. we left ksa on exit re entry without us knowing it. we were told that they provided exit visa. we have experience certificate from the company indicating that we finished our contract. are we still eligible to enter the kingdom under a different sponsor? thanks.

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