Check Your Kafeel/Sponsor and ID Number

Benefits of having  Kafee/Sponsor lD ?

If you have your Kafeel ID you can check your Exit and  re entry visa status, medical Insurance expiry date and some more thing.

How can I check my Kafeel/Sponsor name and his ID Number?

There are two method  to check your Kafeel Name or his ID Number.

First Method 

You can Check your Kafeel name and ID through your visa. You  can  find your Kafeel Name  on your Saudi visa which was stamped  in your passport.

If you have a copy of your Passport , Then you can find your Kafeel/Sponsor Id on it. You should see the fifth line  on your visa copy, that’s  named as SAJAL “سجل” and the number written  it  is your Kafeel/sponsor id or just see the below photo.

How to Check your Sponsor Id

Second Method

If you have a registered account of MOI Abshir account, then you  can check your Kafeel/Sponsor ID and Name by log into your Abhsir account.
 You login your Abshir  Account, A verification  code you will receive on your mobile via SMS.
After verification , Click on Dashboard
Now you can see My Dashboard window now you click on Detail Button.
– A new window  of your personal information will be appear here you can see all of your details including Kafeel/Sponsor ID and Name.



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  1. Mashallh very good nice

  2. Hi dear
    Its muhammad hassan .actually my question is ,am new in kingdom and i have got azaad visa independent visa i baught this from third party not direct from kafeel now i want to apply for aqama but the person who gave me visa he demanding more mony which is unfair ,on other way my kafeel didn’t know that am in kingdom now also i dont know about my kafeel .so plz let me know how can i find my kafeel contact nmbr or adress so i can ask him directly for akama .plz help me

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