Check IQAMA Expiry Iqama status

Check IQAMA Expiry  Iqama status

Moi Iqama expiry  service

This article contain the information about to check  date of expiry of your Iqama and in case you submit your iqama for renewal purpose you can get informed through this service that your iqama is renewed or still in process. For renewing of your iqama you must pay some Jawazat Fees 

Procedure to check Iqama Status

For checking Iqama Expiry date or Checking the status of Iqama red blue green . you should following some steps

1 open this link

2 After Open this site you select english language

3 You see a drop down menu for knowing your ” iqama expiry”  date you must to   Click on Electronic Inquiries from menu


iqama expiry

iqama expiry|iqama expiry iqama expiry | iqama expiry|












4 A drop down list will be appear

5  You select Passport from this list


iqama expiry

iqama expiry | how to check Iqama


6  Now you Click on Query Iqama Expiry service




iqama expiry 3



7 New Window will be appear now here you will put your Iqama number,




and put image code and click on view button




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  1. Please conferm my moqeem card validity and expiry date and crunt status of my sponser

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