Check Iqama Status Color Huroob

Check Iqama Status Color Huroob

Now you can check the iqama  Iqama status complete detail on this page . A detail procedure about iqama like iqama fees iqama transfer huroob  and what is the punishment of huroob and how to remove huroob I also explain here what is the fake huroob and how can we take action against fake huroob all in all in this page in case you can’t understand anything or you have any query you can comment us and we will reply you as soon as possible basis and will help you.

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·         Check iqama color

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·         Check iqama Maktab Amal

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·         Check iqama by passport number

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·         Check iqama in Saudi Arabia KSA


You can check following detail about your iqama in this article

Check Iqama Status

Ministry of Interior | MOI facilitate to Saudi resident and expatriates to check their iqama status online through MOI official website with simple and so easy procedure.

You just follow the following steps

  1. Open the MOI official website or just copy past the following address in your address bar
  2. After open the MOI site you select the language as English if there is Arabic language show once you select language you should to click on Electronic inquiry menu from website menu
  3. Once you select the electric inquiry you see too much option you should to click or tap the Passport
  4. When you select the Passport a new small window will be open here you select click or tap the Query Iqama Expiry Service
  5. Now you see a window where you must write the Iqama Number and given captcha number and click on the view and see you detail about your iqama expiry detail.
iqama expiry

check iqama fees and iqama expiry



What is Iqama expiry?

If you are new in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia you must to know what is Iqama and what is the Iqama expiry and


Iqama is and Arabic word which mean Identity card if you are in Saudi Arabia you must have iqama if you have no iqama than you are violating the law of Saudi government and you are criminal you must to demand to your sponsor | KAFEEL  or you company to must make your iqama as soon as possible basis


Documents required for New Iqama

If you are newcomer and want to apply for Iqama you should have the following documents.

             Your medical report

             Two passport size photo of you with white background

             Copy of your agreement

 How much time required to renewing IQAMA?

Normally it take 3 months but in some cases duration may be increase to 4 month such kind of delay happened because of some documents are missing or incomplete information

“If you don’t get your Iqama within 90 days kindly Check Iqama via MOI official website”

For Check Iqama Status Detail Procedure


Check Iqama Color

       Iqama color represent the financial condition of your KAFEEL or Company before to check iqama color you must to what is the meaning of these color

What is Iqama Color?

Iqama color is called the NITAQAT that’s  define the condition of the company and allow you to NAQAL KAFALA or TANAZUL  there are following three color that represent the company condition

  1. Platinum
  2. Green
  3. Yellow
  4. Red

Platinum color

Platinum color stats the Best condition of your company and its employ getting good salary within time and providing high rate of overtime

“You cannot get TANAZUL in this condition without the permission of your KAFEEL / Sponsor or Company”

Green Color

Green Color means your company have good condition it is almost same like Platinum

Yellow Color

This Color represent the bad condition of your company Yellow color is kind of warning for company to improve their status otherwise it will be Red

Red Color

Red color represent the worst condition of any company where your company not paying salary of their employee in time it is late and not afford overtime and other facility

“You can get TANAZUL without the permission of your KAFEEL Yes you can quite your job and can get another work as per SAUDI law.

Procedure to Check Iqama Status or Color

  • Go MOI official website or simply copy paste the following link in your address bar
  • Now a window will be appear you must fill the requirement like write your iqama number and put the given captcha number select your nationality.
  • After putting all above information click or tap on ok button and check iqama status.


Check iqama HUROOB

HUROOB is an Arabic term that is use for those employee who run away from their company or KAFEEL and do work at any other company with other KAFEEL

As per the law of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia HURROB is a punishable crime


There is difference between HUROOB and TANAZUL but actually it is same

If you leave the job without the permission of your company or KAFEEL called HUROOB and this is crime you may be go to jail

Punishment of HUROOB

Your company or KAFEEL may communicate to JAWAZAT authority or Ministry of Interior authority

5000/. SAR fine and 2 year’s jail for further detail of HUROOB click here.









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