Now you can ch Check your exit visa  or  reentry  and final exit Kingdom Saudi Arabia visa validity and expiry date online through  with the help of muqeem online service from the ELM that is providing by  Ministry of Interior of Saudi  Arabia.

How can i use online check Check EXIT/RE-ENTRY Online In KINGDOM SAUDI ARABIA?

If you want to know the online checking the procedure of online visa expiry services follow the following steps.


open following link

Step 2

Click  on the  option what you want to know  from the available options Iqama Number, Visa Number or Passport Number.


Step 3

Select from one  of these options Iqama Number, Visa,  Passport Number Name or Date of Birth, Iqama Expiry Date or Visa Expiry Date .

Step 4

Choose Your Nationality.

Step 5

Now Click on Check Button.

Step 6

After Clicking on Check you will see the complete detail about what you select.


Check Your Entry  Exit and Re Entry Visa Status Via MOI Officially Site.

You can also check your your Entry Re Entry Visa or Exit Visa from Ministry of Interior Site with follow the below steps.S

Step 1

Open following link.

Step 2

Type your Iqama Number.

Step 3

Enter your Kafeel/Sponsor Iqama Number.

Step 4

Enter  the captcha image code.

Step 5

Now  fill one of the field either Visa Number or Passport Number and click on view button. After Clicking  on view you can see Detail about  Exit re-entry visa,  visa type, expiry date and some  other details.




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  1. Nice post thanks for sharing keep it up
    There, enter your visa number and the ID number of the sponsor (iqama number if you are being sponsored by a person)

  2. How to check me my exit and reentry

  3. is it same for family visa exit or not

  4. I checked eservice for my final exit visa. It is shown visa is expired is it the right one.

  5. If any one need Final Exit paper i can arrange u can contact me
    Total amount of exit paper is 6,000 INR
    Contact person
    Shyam Kumar

  6. Hi sir,
    My equma is expired 15 visa is depened family hus work is overhere on sept 30.i have two children .I cant go alone .so I wish to go with hus in sep 30.i have to know after visa cancellation how many days to stay in ksa

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