Check exit reentry Visa

How to check Exit reentry Visa

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provide an online service to check the visa detail and through this service you can Check the re entry Visa with very simple procedure you just put some your IQAMA and Visa  information and click the check button.

What is Exit Reentry Visa

Exit Reentry visa is multi visa this visa normally applied when you go to vocation and want come back to Saudi on the behalf of exit re entry.


Check exit reentry Visa

fee of exit reentry visa screenshot

Validity of exit reentry visa

Normally exit reentry visa validity is 90 days you must come back before the expiration of visa. In case you not back with in due time of exit reentry your visa will be expire. Kindly make confirm your return ticket with in due date of Visa.

Fees of Exit Reentry Visa = 1000 SAR

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Detail procedure to check exit reentry visa




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