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Huroob Punishment Detail


What is Huroob Punishment Huroob is an Arabic term use for those worker who  Escape or Absent from Work for specified time In this situation Employer has report to jawazat/Passport authorities  against  employer to declare him as Huroob. Saudi government impose very tight law for hurood and make Huroob Punishment what …

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Check Jawazat fees Online 2017 2018

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Check Jawazat fees 2017 2018 Check Iqama fee check visa fee SERVICES NAME FEE  (SAR) Permanent  Visa For Family 2000 Visa for Domestic worker 2300 Exit Visa 200 Exit and Reentry Visa 1000 Muqeem card or Iqama fee for Domestic 600 Renewal IQAMA/MUQEEM CARD Fee  for Domestic worker 350 Transfer or …

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Jawazat is an Arabic Word

What is Jawazat? What is Jawazat? If you are newcomer then Jawazat is a new word for you Jawazat is a General Directorate of Passports GDP is the department. Jawazat is an agency of Ministry of Interior (MOI) What is the responsibility of Jawazat? Issuing of iqama for expatriates and Issuing …

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Addresses of Jawazat in Saudia Arabia

jawazat offices

What is Jawazat ? Addresses of Jawazat in Saudia Arabia Jawazat is an Arabic term use for  General Directorate of Passports Department. It is one kind of agency of MOI Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All Immigration works  is controlled under Jawazat personnel . Jawazat is the place where you can …

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