Business Visa in Saudia Arabia

If you are interested to doing business in Saudi Arabia then you can get business visa.

For getting Business Visa you Must be valid sponsorship from Saudi Arabian Company or Saudi Arabian Business.

Only Investors, Businessmen, Managers, Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, etc are applicable for Business Visa.

Engineers, Doctors, Programmers, Professors, Teachers, Technicians are not applicable for Business Visa because there profession does not have business feature. Only Business  feature Professionals  are applicable for Business Visa.



Requirement for Saudi Business Visa

You should have valid Passport

One passport size photograph  with white background

Copy of your Identity Card

Download Business application  from following link and filled it with black ink or pen

By the Your  employer  a confirmation  letter send  to the Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Invitation letter from sponsor company should be  attested  from by Saudi Chamber of Commerce and  approved from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Feeses of visa  should be paid online via  Enjaz website.


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