Book an Appointment Ahwal Al Madani for Birth Certificate

How Can I Book an appointment for Birth Certificates

In order to book an online appointment for al ahwal al madani for Birth Certificate follow the below steps

Step 1

open the MOI official site or click here

Step 2 

After opening the MOI official site click on Electronic Inquires . Now Put your Iqama Number in certain textbox select calnder types type captcha number and in last click on  Verify My Details. For more detail see the below photo

1 Book an Appointment fo

Step 3

Now another window will be appear this window contain following facility.

  • Book a new Appointment
  • Update an existing  Appointment
  • View/Print the existing Appointment
  • Cancel an existing Appointment

You click on Proceed to services button. For further detail check the below photo.

2 Book an Appointment fo

2 Book an Appointment fo

Step 4

New page will be open here you click on Book New Appointment button. For more detail view the below photo.

 3 Book an Appointment for Birth Certificates

3 Book an Appointment for Birth Certificates

Step 5

Now a page will be open thats containing some Arabic data you click on  تسجيل واقعة ميلاد  

But you can choose translation services if you are using Chrome browser. after translating page you click on Writing a birthday date down and select your nearest region from Region Menu and click on next . For more detail see the following photo.

4 Book an Appointment for Birth Certificates

Step 6

After completing the service choosing step you will see choosing branch page here you select your related branch and click on select from action column. For Further detail check the below photo.

5 Book an Appointment for Birth Certificates

Step 7

Now choosing appointment page will be appear here you choose your suitable date and choose available  timing from chart and click on next or press enter. For more detail see the photo.

6 Book an Appointment for Birth Certificates

Step 8

Now confirm your appointment  get appointment ticket and print out the page.

After taking printout go to the Ahwal Al Madan Office for more detail click here

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  1. Boss how to request correction on gender after issuing a birth certificate with wrong gender.

  2. There is no appointment available in jeddah 20 days already what will i do. My daughter born on march. 26

  3. Dear This is the procedure for Birth certificate(From Ahwal AL madni) not for new Iqama(from Jawazaat).
    Pls. advise the same.

  4. I am trying last 23 days and i am not getting an appointment yet. I am planning to go on my vacation soon, how can i if i am not getting the appointment and then making the passport for my baby.

    • Go directly to the Jawazat office. Customer care will check your documents and give you a form to be filled in arabic. After all Documents ready customer care person will give you a token number after verifying your documents. Wait for the your turn and you will get your birth certificate. Dont fortget to get it signed by the authority which is there in the office.

  5. Hi there

    Me and my wife are on visit visa is possible to get an appointment on visit visa al ahwal makkah city

    If not what should I do to get the birthcertifcate of our baby who was born in makkah

  6. Please help me,

    Below mention message is appear on selection Ahwal Nasiryah
    Sorry, there are no appointment available, for booking at this point of time, Please try again later.

    • Hey
      I was having the same issue, you need to go your self to Ahwal Nasriyah office to get the appointment .
      tell them you have been trying for many days and system is down and no dates available they will give you a manual date.
      Else 3 days before completing one month from date of birth go there directly and inform the problem and they will let you enter ..

  7. also keep on trying and keep on clicking the appointment option every hour especially during Prayer times & lunch time if you are lucky you will get it as i got the appointment for 23 June ( i tried on 19th May )

  8. Is female can book an appointment. Because im trying many times but it says there is no service available in our area here in khobar. What shall i do my son is already 2 months. Siince ramadhan i cant access the appointment.

  9. Hello
    Hope this information which I am going to share will help you.
    I would like to share my experience here with regard to the birth certificate my baby girl in Riyadh– as well as MOFA stamping.

    Birth Certificate-Riyadh-18/07/2016
    My appointment with the Ministry of Civil affairs was at 8AM, 18/07/2016.I reached the office before 8 and I suggest everyone to do so.
    The initial Guards had verified the paper and guided to the main office. You can follow the queue and the official will check all your documents .If the date exceeds 30 days from your baby dob the official will give you a hand written receipt for SR 50 and that must be paid at the counter nearby.
    At the payment counter the official will receive the money and affix a seal on your form.
    Then you must proceed to the initial counter again, he will issue you a token.
    Wait until your number displayed on the screen. There you will be given a printed Birth Certificate –then you will be guided to the Branch heads room and he will stamp and sign.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation
    MOFA is a must stamping and you can do the same on the same day itself. I made the payment SR 30 Online and had the receipt with me.
    Please note the MOFA payment is only 10 days valid. If you exceed the date you need to repay SR 30.
    The MOFA office is also situated in Nazriya .The Security Guards were not allowing cars inside office. I prefer the outer parking place near the Gate 3.
    You can find so many agents office near Nazriya to make the MOFA Payments.
    Inside MOFA office initially you must go through Security checkups.
    Then they will issue token and as per the number the counter staff will check your document and make the stamping on back side of the certificate.

    Hope this information reaches the required.

    Eng.Nandu Naroth Thazhath

  10. whats about to confirm the appointment an other city suppose Al kharaj,any problem have there,
    please anybody suggest me urgently..

    • Mohammed Basharath

      You cannot take appointment for another city.
      To avoid penalty of exceeding 1 month, if you don’t find appointment, go directly to the Ahwal Madani Office and check with the security guard who allows you inside, tell him it is last date and you can’t find appointments. he may allow you.

  11. Hello
    Hope this information which I am going to share will help you.
    I would like to share my experience here with regard to the birth certificate.

    Birth Certificate-Dammam-02.08.2016
    My appointment with the Ministry of Civil Affairs was at 8AM, 02/08/2016.I reached the office at the said time.
    The main gate guard let me in and I waited in the main hall on counter # 04 (it states: Birth Registration for Non-Saudis.) The official will check all your documents. (Form 87, Passport + Copy, Iqama + Copy for both Mother and Father and Vaccination card issued by the hospital of birth. The official will manually enter details in his register and mention the same serial no. on the vaccination card. He told me to come back after one week same time to collect the certificate.

  12. brother which type of document required for attestaion of birth certificate from MOFA

    • (Form 87, Passport + Copy, Iqama + Copy for both Mother and Father and Vaccination card issued by the hospital of birth

    • Dear Mr. Sajjad,
      No need for any other document. Just keep the Original Birth Certificates and your Original Iqama.
      The person in MOFA will stamp the documents for 30 SR per Document.

    • Mohammed Basharath

      MOFA attestation is used on the document to be used outside KSA, may be in your home country.
      However, Indian Embassy in KSA issues birth certificate (Indian) so for Indians MOFA attestation on birth certificate is not required. I confirmed with VFS Global agent too.
      Note: this information is for Indians.
      MOFA attestation is must for countries who will issue birth certificate in their country only, like Egypt.

      Thank You,
      Mohammed Basharath

  13. i need new iqama for my baby how should I need to book appointment

  14. Does anyone know someone in ahwal madani jeddah? My father just passed away and now my mother is sick and alone. I need to go home. Please help me

  15. Thanks for comment on Book an Appointment Ahwal Al Madani for Birth Certificate your comment not accepted because it is kind of spam

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